Modern Warfare Remastered

Guide to Close Encounters

Coolio's Guide to Close Encounters

  In this guide I will go over how to deal with most CQC situations, as I see many people online that just plain suck in CQ :/.
  Like everything in life, this needs practice. Don't expect to rush in straight after reading this and end the game having your enemies begging for mercy.  You're gonna need a lot of close encounters before you really become good.

1.   Intro (you're here!)
2.   Weapons, classes. Techniques.
3.   Tactics/ Tips


  So, weapons and classes. I'll give you some of my classes and discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use the class.

Class One:

Primary: MP5, Silenced.
Secondary:  Desert Eagle.
Spec ‘nade: Stun

Perk 1: Bandolier. Stun x3 if you don't find Bando very useful, though. Or just anything that you want, actually
Perk 2: Stopping power/ try double tap, I find it to be better for extremely close encounters.
Perk 3: Steady aim.

It's a pretty foolproof class.  It can beat probably all ARs at close range and most SMGs, unless you're not good at aiming.
Can be used at medium range, too, if needs be. Just need to know how…
Hip-fire accuracy of a God. (If Gods have hip-fire accuracies?) You can fire from the hip up to like 10-15 ft. (I'm actually no good at judging distances, so.. :|)
It only needs a few shots to kill. 3-4 well placed shots will down almost anyone at close range.
Looks awesome. (Might give you a confidence boost?) =p


If you encounter anyone at long range, you may as well kill yourself to save the enemy some ammo.
Not too spray friendly. You can run out of ammo quickly if you're not careful.
Needs strategic reloading. Not reloading after you killed those 2 guys capturing B is gonna come back and slap you ‘round the side of the face like a wet haddock when you get back to A.


  Close range: Always fire from the hip in close situations. You will get a feel for the accepted hip-distances after a couple of games with the gun. And make sure the crosshairs are on your target I see so many people sucking because they can't aim. You need to try your best. Practice, please.
  A good thing about the MP5 is you can move around and still maintain good accuracy from the hip.  I think this may come naturally, but strafing left and right makes it harder for enemies to hit you, and this is easy to do with the MP5.

Medium range: You neeeeeed to be zoomed down your iron sites for medium range. Don't spray from the hip. Try a sensitivity of 5+ so you can follow your target. You need a good aim for this, though, so practice. Aim for the stomach/chest area, not the head, not the feet, not at that pile of bricks next to them. You may need to practice this.

Class Two:

Primary: M1014, naked.
Secondary:  USP .45, or whatever pistol you're better with at medium range.
Spec ‘nade: Stun

Perk 1: Bandolier, or Frag x3 for maps like Shipment.
Perk 2: Stopping power, sleight of hand for very close maps
Perk 3: Steady aim

Nothing can beat it at close range.
Fast reloading.
Small hip-fire spread increases chance of one hit kills.
No matter what you're doing you still have the same hip-fire accuracy. Whether you're coming from the skies, pouncing like and angry pillowcase on your opponent, or if you're standing calmly in a corner waiting to blast someone into the distant past.
It's sooo shiny when it's golden =D

Small clip, need to reload after every kill.
No good for anything but close range. You have to use you're pistol for that.
You can't use it on very open maps like Overgrown, or Creek, unless you use it very wisely, and fire only when necessary.

With this gun's awesomeness, it can kill anyone in 2 shots. So because of this, when you see someone, one shot may kill them, but two definitely will. When fighting multiple enemies, try to give them all 1 good shot (stomach or chest) and they should all go down. When in a 1v1, just make sure you hit them twice. Don't fire more than twice unless you've missed. No use in wasting an entire clip, especially when there's only 4 rounds. On moving targets, you may need to lead a little (shoot where the enemy will be when the bullet gets there) as the shotgun bullets move quite slowly.
Remember I mentioned about its always-constant hip accuracy? Use it to your advantage. I mean, really use it. Jump around, jump off of stuff, crouch, prone, just make it harder for your enemy to kill you.
NEVER (“wow, caps, italics and bold? Are you mad?!”) zoom down the sights. Why? It increases hip spread, and it wastes time. It obstructs vision, makes you move slower. Just don't do it. Honestly, if I catch you doing it... *mumbles threats*

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