Modern Warfare Remastered

CoD4 Stealth Tips

Guide By Midnight:

Being stealthy is to bring the enemy down before he or anyone else notices you. You need to spot the enemy before he spots you. You always have to be aware of your surroundings and use your senses to determine where the enemy is positioned.

The attachment you must have at all times is the silencer. There would be no point in being stealthy if you're going to be noticed. Any rifle or SMG is fine for a silencer as long as you are comfortable in using it.

Always silence your pistols and NEVER use the Deagle when going stealthy.

Tip 1~ Know All or at Least Most of the Different Routes in the Map:
Knowing different routes can make it easier to move from one place to another and to flank the other team. When one pathway is covered, go to another one until you reach your destination.

Tip 2~Always Stay Away from Your Teammates:
If you stick with your team, you will have a better chance of being seen and ultimately get yourself killed. Teammates will get you killed most of the time. You should always stay by yourself. If a teammate is moving with you, then go a different pathway (also another good reason to know tip 1) unless you confirmed that he has a silencer and won't attract attention to the other team. If you are moving in groups, it should be no more than three people because of 1) there would be less at the front lines to keep the enemy distracted and 2) more people will cause more movement and it will increase the chances of being seen.

Tip 3~ Move Along the Perimeter of the Map:
Move along the outside of the map when ever possible. It would be easier to flank the enemy and have less chance of anyone to notice you.

Tip 4~ Move Along the Walls:
Walls provide cover for you and hide your movement. They also provide some protection when under fire.

Tip 5~Move Slowly:
Sprinting or just walking upright can create more movement and more noise than couching or proning and like before, it would just create more attention to you. Only when the area is clear is when you can sprint.

Exception~ Sprint if you are moving from building to building. If you move slowly, you will be out in the open longer with no cover. It would be best if you just sprint to each building.

Tip 6~Grab a Sniper Rifle:
Unless you have Overkill, if you see a sniper rifle lying on the ground, pick it up. Snipers constantly scan the area for enemies and have more of a chance to spot you than anyone else. Since they are located from a far and cannot be reached with a silencer, you can use the sniper rifle to take them out and have less of a problem in getting to your destination. It also gives you the option to snipe the enemy from behind. Since being stealthy can increase your chances of getting behind the enemy without being noticed, you can take up positions and snipe the enemy from behind.

If there canít find a sniper rifle, an assault rifle will do just fine. They can replace the range lost when using the silencer, but it makes it easier for the enemy to know your position because of the killcam and the radar(unless the rifle is also fitted with a silencer).

Tip 7~Camp:
Camp each doorway and path where you think the enemy might come out from. Do it for about 10 to 20 seconds and then move on. If think the enemy is coming, camp the entrance/exit for around 30 seconds. If you plan to go in/out of the building or the next area, proceed with caution and scan the area for enemies. If you know when someone is coming, then just stay there until he comes out.
You should also stay out of the enemyís sight and donít camp in places that are too obvious.
If you are camping in one spot, donít get over 3 kills. When you do, you have to move. Any more than that and the enemy will be aware of your presence and know where you are hiding. Even just moving your position slightly will help a lot.

Tip 8~Move in the Shadows:
Move in dark areas whenever possible. You would be well concealed just by the darkness alone. Unless the enemy uses Night Vision, they wonít easily notice you.

Tip 9~Play Dead:
Proning and then constantly tapping the button to switch your weapon will make you look like a corpse and itís an effective way to hide when there is no cover to protect you. As long as the enemy doesnít see you start to prone or when you start switching your weapon (since they cause movement) and you stay still, the enemy wonít really bother to even look at you. The only problem to this is that your name still pops up when you are aimed at. This is also good for ambushing enemies.

Tip 10~Let Some Enemies Go:
 (Unless you are quick) If the enemy runs past you and is too fast for you to catch, then let him go. Itís more important attract less attention to you and move on with your stealth than trying to get another kill.

A Tip when taking out Claymores:
When taking out Claymores shoot one and then hide for about 10 seconds. Taking out Claymores will alert the sniper (assuming) that someone might be there. Waiting a while will make the sniper to grow impatient and resume back to sniping. Then take out the other one and repeat. If you fire at a Claymore and get hit by it, wait even longer because that will notify the sniper that someone is there. Afterward, take out whoever is there and move on. Also be cautious and prepared if the sniper comes out and tries to search for you.

Recommended Perks:
Perk 1
   1) Bandolier~ Since you are going stealthy, most likely you are going to survive for a long time and will eventually run out of ammo. This perk solves this kind of problem.
   2) Bomb Squad~ If you are flanking, you will eventually run into some snipers and they might place Claymores to protect themselves from intruders. This perk lets you know if thereís an explosive near you. The explosives also hints you that someone might be near by.
   3)Special Grenades x3~ Throw a stun or flash will leave them defenseless, allowing you to take them out without letting them know what hit them. A good trick is to throw one special grenade and wait for a second or two and then throw another one. And then do the same for the last grenade. This will leave the enemy defenseless in a much longer period of time as opposed to throwing three grenades in a row in a quick session.

If you think you are too overwhelmed by the enemy presence, throw your special grenades so you will have a better chance to escape.
Perk 2
   1) Stopping Power~ Great to take out enemies in a quick session and to kill them before they know what hit them
   2) UAV Jammer~ Perfect for an all stealth player. You will not show up on the Enemyís UAV and would be impossible to know where you would be hiding.
Perk 3
   1) Steady Aim~ You may have to face enemies in CQC and hip fire can be a life savior. This perk will make your shots more accurate and can waste less ammo.
   2) Extremely Conditioning~ When flanking, you will need to sprint a lot. This perk will allow sprinting longer and getting to where you want to go faster. It also helps if you are sprinting from building to building.
   3) Dead Silence~ Another great perk for an all stealth player. Making noise can give away your position and Dead Silence can take that away. Itís very effective when playing in small groups like in Team Tactical, but no so much in large battles that occur in Ground War or in certain TDMs. However, crouching can also reduces the noise, but only when you walk. Keep in mind that crouching does not reduce all of the noise that you create. If you fall, even if it's just three or four feet, or just climb ladders, you can still be heard very clearly. Dead Silence would reduce all of the noise produced by you, not just running or sprinting.

Special Grenades:
Flash~ Blinds your opponent, preventing them from seeing you and gives you the chance to kill them with ease.

Stun ~ Slows down the opponent greatly and damages them in the process. Stuns can make it easier to take out enemies in quick session. It's also good if you are spotted. If someone sees you, you can throw stuns at him and then you can either run away or kill him. It will slow him down not letting him to be able to react fast enough and keep up with you.

Smoke~ It is good at obscuring the opponent's view and great in covering your movement. You can also use it as a distraction to make the enemy to focus on the smoke while you move forward without being noticed.

Here's good use for smoke that I don't see many people using~ You can use smoke as a disappearing trick. When spotted, throw down some smoke. After the smoke fills, move to a different location and hide. The smoke will conceal your movement, and the enemy won't be able to know where you hid and can't determine which direction you headed and most likely won't ever be able to find you.