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CoD4 Sniper Overkill Classes Guide

Guide by Hub - Hubschnuckle's Guide to Sniper Overkill Classes

Hey guys, and welcome to my guide for sniper Overkill classes! I haven't been using them for very long but I picked up on how to use them pretty quickly so I should be able to help you guys out.

The objective of this guide is to help you to figure out how to make an effective sniper Overkill class, not to tell you how to use it as there are infinite ways.

I've personally found that Overkill sniper classes are the single most versatile types of classes which I have seen thus far, allowing for effectiveness at both close and long ranges. But first you must find out which Sniper you like and which gun you like to overkill it with.

Sniper Rifles

     The sniper rifle and secondary weapon you choose basically sets a foundation for how well you will play with it. The sniper rifles are listed in order from what in my opinion is best to worst. Here it goes:


I personally find the Dragunov (I call it the Drag  Cool) to be the best gun to Overkill. This is because the Drag has manageable recoil, is semi-automatic, has a 10 round clip, and is one of the three sniper rifles that will kill below the neck ( one hit for head, neck, and chest) without Stopping Power.

In addition, it is the only sniper rifle that does not get help from Stopping Power (except through walls, on previously damaged opponents, and on Juggernaut users), so there is really no reason not to use Overkill with it.

Barrett .50 Cal

     Statistically the Barrett deals the same amount of damage without Stopping Power to every part of the body as the Dragunov except the Barrett will deal 7 damage points more to the stomach area, but this will most likely not help to you in any situation.

The Barrett is the only semi-automatic sniper rifle other than the Dragunov capable of a one hit kill with a chest shot without Stopping Power, which is why it is the other gun I highly recommend. It also has extremely high penetration so Deep Impact is not required in most cases.

However, the .50 Cal has much higher recoil and much lower firerate, meaning you probably wont get a second shot of on an enemy with this gun if they're any smart.These reasons all make the Barrett .50 Cal a fantastic gun to use in any Overkill class.


     After recent experimenting with R700 Overkill classes, I have found that this gun is much more effective than I had previously thought. It, like the Dragunov and Barret .50 Cal, is a one hit kill to the chest, head, and neck areas on enemies without Juggernaut. However, the R700, unlike the Dragunov and .50 Cal, has an accuracy that is only succeeded by the M40A3.

This combination of extreme accuracy and power has proven very lethal, especially at exceptionally long ranges. It is for these reasons that I can call the R700 my 2nd favorite sniper rifle to Overkill. The only drawbacks to overkilling this gun are its being bolt action (you often only have one chance to fire with this gun, so you better make it count) and it's pathetically small ammunition reserve (16 rounds  Undecided). Try this gun out for sure.


     The M21 is only a one shot kill to the head area, so I wouldn't count on one-shotting moving targets on a regular basis. Although this gun is very weak without Stopping Power it has very low recoil, a ten round clip, good accuracy, and a high fire rate. Translation: you can just spam enemies with this gun and it will be very effective. This gun is not my most recommended gun to Overkill, but I say you should try it out and see if you like it because it just might work for you.


This gun is basically the same without Stopping Power as the M21, but it will also kill with a neck shot (who cares?). It basically has all the weakness of the M21 except it isn't semi automatic so you can't take the second shot that you will, more often than not, need to kill an enemy. If you think you can headshot or neckshot an enemy every time with an M40A3, then please feel free to Overkill it. But if not just stick with the other listed guns.

Sidenote: ACOG or No Attachment?
This, like everything else, all comes down to personal preference. I find I am better with every sniper other than the Dragunov with No Attachment selected for it. For some reason Dragunov and ACOG just clicks with me.

I'd have to say in most cases it is best to stick with No Attachment on your Overkilled sniper rifle because your secondary weapon should be good enough for getting close to medium ranged kills, so it is unnecessary to make your sniper rifle suitable for the same purpose.

ACOG on a sniper Overkill class also defeats the purpose of making this class type: versatility at all ranges. So just use No Attachment on your sniper rifle unless you have a good reason not to.

Secondary Weapons

     Now that the sniper rifles are out of the way, we can move on to Secondary weapons. I have listed them in alphabetical order for convenience sake, and only the most effective are listed. Some standouts are:


     Don't let its bad recoil and terrible accuracy rating fool you; the AK-47 has great power (kills in three clean shots without Stopping Power), decent fire rate, great iron sights, good mobility, and, most important of all, it looks damn good with my Dragunov  .

I think the AK-47 is a great all- purpose gun and has saved me in many situations when I am using my Overkill class. It's iron sights are great if you want to silence it, too.


     This is the gun I used prior to trying the AK-47, and it is one of the most formidable close range guns in the game. The AK-74u is very powerful, has a pretty good fire rate, has good accuracy, and has perfect mobility.

The only reason I switched it for the AK-47 is because the I was having trouble using this one at medium ranges, but in my opinion this gun is much better for CQC than is the 47, but it does seem to kick more. I'd say this gun is a little bit better all around, especially when silenced. give them both a try because they're both great guns for an Overkill class.


     I personally would only use this gun if I was sniping from buildings or if I planned to be moving through buildings a lot while sniping. This gun is a beast close range and makes indoor combat a joke. I'd watch out for medium range enemies if I were using this gun in an Overkill class because the M1014 will be completely useless against them and your sniper rifle won't be very effective unless it's ACOGed or they're noobs.

M4 Carbine

     This gun is accurate and very effective at all ranges. It kills very quickly with or without Stopping Power due to it's fire rate but is a huge ammo burner. Unless you are very accurate with this gun I would not recommend it for you to use in an Overkill sniper class unless you are mobile sniping and using Bandolier, as you will find your ammunition reserve dry very quickly.


     This gun is also very good for Overkilling due to its high power, high fire rate, great accuracy, and decent range. The MP5 is a beast at close range, even without Stopping Power. I highly recommend overkilling this gun mwith(this error is being kept and emphasized to bother germs95) a sniper rifle, especially with those who are good with it. There's really not much else to say; this is just a great gun all around and can help a lot in your class.


     Here comes dubya! Yes, the gun I have worshiped since... I'm not sure when, but it's been around 3 months. Who cares?! This gun is so beast if you're a good shotgunner, like me who has been almost shotty and sniper exclusive for the past two months. within range this gun only takes 3 bullets out of the 8 it fires to kill a target, which gives you a damn good chance of getting a kill.

I like to use this gun as my secondary on levels where I'm sniping outdoors (such as Creek or Overgrown) as I find it a bit tougher to use than the M1014 in buildings or other cramped areas. This is a fantastic gun, especially for the experienced shotgunner, and it should never be overlooked.

     These are the guns I would recommend for use when Overkilling with a sniper. I wouldn't try using an LMG if I were you because it would trash your mobility and you will find a lot of situations in which you will need to be light on your feet for, such as rushing to a good sniper spot or getting to a place where a big faceoff is happening.

Good Perks

     In my opinion, the perks are not nearly as important as the actual guns you use in a sniper Overkill class, but they still can have a drastic effect on how you perform. Perks mainly depend on playstyle and game type, just like with non-Overkill classes

Perk 1

This will cover my personal favorite perks for the perk 1 slot. Remember that it might not be what you prefer so don't complain or be a dick or *gulp* be audacious enough call an opinion wrong (this is mainly for you new guys.)


     Just like in regular sniper classes, claymores can be a very deadly tool to make sure you're covered from enemies that might sneak up on you.

This is my favorite perk 1 to use because it can be useful in many situations like blocking entrances to building when camp sniping or even to set traps in heavily used passage ways to get a cheap kill when being mobile.

Bomb Squad

     I'd be willing to bet that I'm one of the few members here that actually uses this perk consistently on some of my classes. Bomb Squad is one of the most useful perks available and can save your ass several time in a single game, but unfortunately it is overlooked because it doesn't give you any extra equipment (which most people usually instantly spam out and waste anyways) like the other perks for this slot.

If you are planning on running into buildings and destroying your enemy with your secondary weapon and using then temporarily using the building to snipe from then this is the perk for you. It's great for turning hard-to-see claymores from a major threat to a minor inconvenience. Try it out for sure.

Perk 3


Extreme Conditioning

Extreme Conditioning is good for getting you to your sniper spot in a much more timely fashion. I believe that it lets you sprint 3 times as long as you could originally so it can be very helpful. I use this the most.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is useful for small games like TT which I play a lot, which is why I swear by it and recommend it as it has saved my ass many a time. It makes your character make close to no noise when walking, running, and sprinting. It is also useful for bomb game modes such as Sabotage and Search & Destroy.

My Personal Recommended Classes

     At long last we are at the home stretch!! The class section, AKA the final section in just about every weapons guide ever made on this website. Let's begin!

Class Name: Russian Duo (AKA "Hallo, comrade" lol)
Primary Weapon/ Attachment: Dragunov / None
Secondary Weapon/ Attachment: AK-47/ None
Special Grenade: Smoke (all I use, sorry)
Perk 1: Claymores x 2
Perk 2: Take a Guess
Perk 3: Steady Aim (if you plan to be more mobile)/ Deep Impact (if you plan to camp more)
Notes: This is my personal favorite. I find I am able to use it very effectively on every level and in every game mode. Don't deny it until you try it!

Class Name: Ruiner
Primary Weapon/ Attachment: Barrett .50 Cal/ None
Secondary Weapon/ Attachment: MP5/ Silencer
Special Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Claymores x 2
Perk 2: OK
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning
Notes: This is another pretty solid class. The Barrett doesn't need Deep Impact due to its already high impact rating, and the silencer on your MP5 can help you to not draw too much attention when mowing down enemies at close range or clearing out a room to snipe from.

Class Name: Control Freak
Primary Weapon/ Attachment: Dragunov/ ACOG
Secondary Weapon/ Attachment: M1014/ RDS (For looks)
Special Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Claymores x2
Perk 2: OK
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning (if you plan to be more mobile)/ Deep Impact (if you plan to camp more)
Notes: This class is designed specifically for medium ranged sniping from buildings. The ACOG, obviously, will help you with the medium ranged part, while the M1014 and claymores will help you with keeping your building safe and under control. If only you could make both gold Cry.

Class Name: Spec Ops Sniper
Primary Weapon/ Attachment: R700 / None
Secondary Weapon/ Attachment: AK-74u/ Silencer
Special Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Bandolier/ C4
Perk 2: OK
Perk 3: Dead Silence
Notes: This is another good all around class and it makes taking out campers almost too easy. It's made to be used more for snipers who like to move around a lot, which is why I chose Bandolier rather than claymores. The Spec Ops Sniper is also very effective at getting in and out of buildings quickly and quietly, which is why there is Dead Silence and a Silencer on the AK-74u. This may seem like a weird class but it works pretty well especially in the bomb-planting game modes with C4.

Class Name: Marine
Primary Weapon/ Attachment: M21/ None
Secondary Weapon/ Attachment: MP5/ Silencer
Special Grenade: Flash
Perk 1: Claymores
Perk 2: OK
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning
Notes: This is class that is good for outdoor maps like Overgrown where there are still buildings to hide out in. You probably won't 1 shot your enemies every time so the running room in outdoor maps really helps. Don 't really know what else to say, it's just a good class.


     Well that's all I have for you. I'm not going to list maps or strategies because these types of classes work on almost every map and the strategies can be obtained from the weapons guides; this is just to help you build a very strong and versatile class. Just remember to try different combinations and find out which one is right for you; there's bound to be at least one. I hope you found this helpful  Smiley.

Thanks for reading,
Sam Hub