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CoD4 No Scoping Techniques Guide

Guide by: Coolio -   No-Scoping  by  Coolio 

  This is my guide to no-scoping. I made it because I know lots of people want to know how to do it but just can't find out how, well I'm gonna try and help you. And please if you're not sure on anything just post a reply and ask me. I'd love to help you.

  First thing's first, though, if you were wondering, no-scoping doesn't actually help you. All it does is make you look cool. Sure once in a while when you see someone stood still, it might be easier to just stop and press R1 and O at the same time, go for it, but normally using the scope is easier and more reliable.

  Just to help you understand, I think all of these techniques take advantage of the auto-aim feature that CoD has; you know like when someone walks infront of you, and your crosshairs follow them? Auto-aim. When you're looking down your sights and you gun seems to know what you're thinking? Auto-aim again. These techniques enable the auto aim to come in and make your bullet go to the middle of the crosshairs.

So, the guide!

Starting Out/ Practicing

  You will need to practice with another player, as the no-scope techniques use auto-aim feature. You can do this on cage matches with people who want headshots, or if you have a friend you can practice together on private matches, or you can practice on splitscreen, but you won't have your own classes. I personally practiced on ranked games as I didn't have any friends who wanted to practice with me. Just remember practicing in private matches and then doing it for real are very different. If you really want to get used to it then have your friend move around and act like an actual opponent rather than a plank. ALSO, when practicing, be at the very edge of the range where your crosshairs turn red and your enemies name shows up. This is the ideal distance. Even with practice, ranges beyond that are difficult.

When to no-scope

  It is tempting once you've got your first no scope to then run out and try and no scope anything that moves, because you're excited. Don't do that. When you're starting out try it on stationary targets, when they don't know you're there. Don't try the switch shot when your 2ft from an MP5 wielding freak who is jumping from the top of Backlot trying to knife your head. Use a good distance, not too far, just so that it definitely isn't just luck if you hit them. I'd say a distance of around.. From about half of Shipment. Once you get better and more confident you can try longer range shots.

Class suggestions

Personally, I use the M40A3 with an ACOG scope for sniping, but that's cause I just love the thing. I do highly recommend it though.

Note: People don't usually class spray-and-pray no-scopes with a semi-auto as proper no-scopes.. and they're not what I'm teaching you, because spraying doesn't have such a complex technique 

My class is this. If you don't know what to use, use mine. It's the best for starting out.

M40A3, ACOG Scope
Desert Eagle
Stun (Ich liebe die Stun!!)

Perk 1: RPGs/ Bandolier if I'm feeling confident. You can use anything you want here.
Perk 2: Stopping power. We need 1 hit kills if we're no scoping. Hardly ever do you get another chance.
Perk 3: Steady aim. Being as no-scopes are from-the-hip we need this.

You can use any sniper, but I recommend one where you are most likely gonna get a 1-hit kill. So anything but the M21 and Dragunov really. I feel that bolt actions are better though. More satisfying if nothing else lol.



This is the method most no-scopers use. I am going to describe a slightly different method to what is given in most guides.

  So, what this involves is moving around until you locate your target, stopping, and firing when you crosshairs centre. < this is where it is slightly different > You DON'T have to fire the second the crosshairs gather, it makes it a bit more accurate, but its about 10x harder to do. Try it once your good with this method first. You can wait a few seconds before you fire. But don't leave it more than 5 secs. What you do need to do, though, is at the same time as you fire, move. Backwards, left, diagonally left, right, doesn't matter. Just as soon as you fire, move. Move your analogue stick at the same time as you press R1/RT. You should be stood still right up until you fire. I think this is it, please tell me if you want more detail. The below video is quite good.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
A video by II Dixi II NiR I on the G-shot.

Crouch shot.

  This is probably the most simple. Just press the crouch button as you fire. On PS3, i use the tactical controls set so R3 is crouch (try it), as it makes this shot easier. All you have to do is press fire and crouch at the same time. O + R1. You should be stood still for this shot. What I've found though is that this shot works alot less when it's past the range when you can't see your enemies name. So keep this one for closer. And, again, tell me if you need more detail.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
By NsF iCe. Just demonstrating.


  This one can be tricky. Very hard to time it right. What this shot is, is switching weapons very quickly, then firing. So on PS3, Triangle, Triangle, R1, or on 360: Y, Y RT, very quickly. I have not fully got the hang of this yet, it is hard to time it right. You can move whilst doing this, but it is quite hard. You shouldn't see your pistol when you do this. What you actually have to do is press triangle, then quickly press triangle and R1 at the same time. So ▲, ▲+ R1.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
This video is by BlameTruth (or, it was, this is the same one uploaded by someone else)

Swing-shot/ QT Shot

  I don't find this to be very consistent, but I'll post it anyway. There's 2 ways of doing it. First way is swinging your crosshairs onto the enemy. So you're not aiming at him, you swing your gun so he's in the middle of the screen, and shoot as you stop. Second way is very similar, but instead of swinging your crosshairs onto your victim, you swing them away. So he's in the middle of your screen, you shoot and swing at the same time. These shots will require practice, and you might need a high sensitivity for this, 5+ will do. Make sure you're stood still as you take the shot, though. Also this should only be used at the same kinds of range as the crouch shot.

Partial scope technique/ Quick scope

  Some may not class this as a no-scope, but I personally think it is. All you do is press L1 (LT) and fire before your scope is up. Not too hard. This is also easier than the others to do whilst moving. This is the one I use when I don't have time to get my pistol out and I have the regular 6x scope.

Jump shot/ Fall shot

  I'm not sure this works personally, but that's just me. All you do is, jump in the air, or jump off of something (car, building, whatever) and on the way down, fire. Make sure your target is in the middle of your screen. Doing a mid-air crouch shot works though. Just when the target is in the middle of the screen you use the crouch shot while in the air. Also, firing at the exact time that you land will get the aim assist to make the bullet go straight. Just found this out on Bloc, when starting on the SAS side, run to where the stairs air in the SAS building, climb over the banister while in line with the door below, and shoot when you land as there is usually some sneaky nugget trying to get through into your building.


NEW: How I do it.

My technique takes quite a bit of practice (I call it my technique but loads of people probably use it lol). It's kind of like the G-shot but you don't move as much. Just move back/forward the slightest bit, so your crosshairs move, then shoot as they stop and move left/right/back. It's very accurate once you're used to it. You don't have to stop and then move back or forwards, you can just stop from moving if you're moving already. Once you're used to it it's very good. Works for quite long ranges as well.

And: a bit of everything, from Wanted4nothing
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Just, if you were wondering and didn't read some of the guide..
None of the videos were actually by me. In order, here are their original posters/ filmers.

II Dixi II NiR I on the G-shot.
Crouch shot by NsF iCe
BlameTruth on Switch shot
Compilation by Wanted4nothing

Well, that's it for my techniques.

If you could suggest a technique that works when moving, that would be great.

I think these are all the ones that I use. I found the videos after I posted the guide, they're there to help, I didn't just copy what they say lol. Tell me any of your techniques that you've tested, and tell me if I missed anything or if you want more detail! It's my first guide, so any tips etc. is very much appreciated.


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^ Just to show you how awesome you may one day become. G-shot tutorial at around 5:20 too. (notice in most of his shots he moves after he shoots  ) This is, of course, the well known zzirGrizz.