Modern Warfare Remastered

CoD4 Bolt No-Scoping Guide

Guide by Mav - This is a rough draft of what will be a CoD 4 no-scope guide for PS3/Xbox 360.


By definition, a "no-scope" is killing an opponent with a sniper rifle without using its scope.

No-scoping is difficult in CoD 4 because it can land anywhere inside those really (and I mean reeeeaaaallly) wide crosshairs.

Enter: Aim Assist.  This is the game mechanic that aids us no-scopers.  Ever notice how your crosshairs moves by itself when an enemy runs by?  That would be the aim assist.


Crosshair Movement

This method requires great timing.  To execute a no-scope using this technique, you'll need to move so your crosshairs separate and fire when they "gather".

Quick Turn

It involves "sweeping" your crosshairs to or away from your target.

Weapon Switch

Basically, you tap switch weapon, switch weapon + fire in quick succession. You'll know you did it correctly if you do not see your pistol at all during the process.
NOTE: If done correctly, you'll skip the "re-cocking" animation of your bolt-action rifle.

Luck Shots

My favorite. You basically just fire and if it hits, you've just performed a luck shot.
NOTE: iSniper hates luck shots.

More details:


Pick a sensitivity that you're comfortable with.  This is important since you'll be trying to hit a moving target most of the time.
Unless of course you're going for 360 shots, in which case, I'll recommend anywhere between the 7-10 setting.

Helpful Perks

Perk 2
Stopping Power: when in real combat, you'll need a one hit kill.  If you don't kill the first time, pray you'll be lucky enough for a second try.

Perk 3
Steady Aim: makes your crosshairs smaller, and therefore easier because you have a smaller target area to work with.

The ACOG Scope
No, this attachment does NOT enhance no-scoping (unless you're using an M40, in which case, your base damage will increase by 5).  It is entirely possible to no-scope with the regular scope (good news ACOG haters Cheesy).

Psychological aspects

It seems the less you think about it, the more successful you become. (except for 360 no-scopes).  I don't know exactly how that works, but the calmer I am, the better at it I become.

Also, you are bound to have off-days.  Don't sweat it, that just means you'll have a rampage soon.  Cheesy

Thanks to all those people who posted videos on Youtube and the PS3 division of C4C.