Modern Warfare Remastered

CoD4 Ninja Guide

Guide By Midnight:

Your gun: To begin with the type of gun, many different ARs and SMGs can be used for a ninja setup. Some work more than others. ARs can be used to help with more range than your typical SMG, but SMGs are better for what your setup is built for, CQC. I highly reccomend an SMG, you can pull up your sights fast, better hip aiming (more on that later) and overall and i believe you can move faster with your irons pulled up.

Reccomended Guns: These are guns i reccomend and see alot used with stealth set-ups, this is opinion so of course their will be controversey over what i think.

M4: I have personally never used this AR for a stealth set. I find its irons inferior to many other guns and its damage is always puny and the gun almost needs Stopping power, so UAV jammer is a big hindrance to the gun.

AK-47: I see this AR also used quite a bit for stealth kits. It is very well balanced and its iron sights are godly, also its considerable recoil is tamed with the silencer, making the gun very effective.

G36c: I personally do not have any experience with this gun, i have seen it used with success, but you have to be a fanboy of this gun to excel with it, i find it mediocore in every one of its stats and can be trumped by other guns, also it has clunky iron sights.

G3: I have used this gun silenced with success, albeit i had stopping power. This gun has fantastic iron sights and people either love or hate the semi-auto factor. I find it difficult to use it fire fights with UAVJ because of its low power and lower range with the silencer. It works wonders in HCSnD but other then that, only skilled players should try for success with it.

MP5: The signature stealth gun, i use it for my SnD defense class. It has high rating stats in all aspects, arguably some of the godliest iron sights in the game and it looks sick! Don't let the fact that you get this gun at the beginning fool you... once you get the hang of this gun, it is a force to be reckoned with.

AK-74u: This is the sub machine version of the AK-47. It has a higher RoF and higher damage. You sacrifice range and accuracy but with a ninja class you should be up close and personal so that isn't a very big factor.

Mini Uzi: You either love or hate this gun. Some hate its irons, small clip and miniscule range. I simply love it. It has nice damage and an insane rate of fire. It looks drop dead gorgeous with a silencer and its waist aiming reticule is very small without steady aim. This gun takes practice to get the hang of and i only reccomend for people experienced with this gun or are willing to learn to use it.

P90: One of the most commonly used guns in CoD4! This gun is very well balanced across the stat board and holds and insane amount of rounds in its clip! The Iron sights are pretty good and the fact that you can excel with this gun very easily makes it a favorite among the majority.

Skorpion: Another gun you love or hate! I personally do not touch it, but the people that use it and excel at it are dangerous. It has high damage and RoF. The irons are ok, it has a very small clip and people swear by the fact that this gun has NO recoil.

What your gun needs: Silencer, silencer, silencer! Arguably the most center piece of your set-up, this baby keeps you off the enemy radar while shooting, reduces recoil, and hides muzzle flash.

Your pistol: All you deagle fanboys need not apply to ninja school, go back to making as much noise as possible to keep the attention off us! SILENCE YOUR PISTOL! i can not believe how many stealth set-ups i see that look fine, only to notice that clunky, silver noise maker! Whichever you like the most, USP, Colt or M9...SILENCE IT! I prefer the USP .45 myself, i like the look.

Using an M9 with an Uzi or MP5 gives you more ammo for your primary, as the M9 shares bullets with those two guns, just as an extra bonus!

Perks!i'm only listing the ones i find effective)

Perk 1: Perk 1 probably holds the least importance, but still holds utility and quick, easy kill potential.

Frag x3: I use this perk for my favorite class, i use on TDM, HQ, Etc and SnD Offense. This perk is great for room clearing, lobbing to spawn points and still having that key grenade to bounce off a corner.

Special Grenade x3: Many argue this is the best ninja perk 1 for it's ability to render enemies useless for a short time. Blind a room before entering with a flash or Shortly blind and slow a enemy running away, it's your choice!

C4 x2: I use this for my SnD defense class. It is fantastic for planting at one of your bomb sites: My strategy is to plant my C4 underneath the crate at position B and then cover position A...if it yells "bomb planted at B" i can quickly tap F and score a quick kill or two.

Bomb Squad: Great for sneaking up on snipers or going to plant a bomb that you may be suspicious of the area being booby trapped, this perk marks enemy claymores and C4 for you so you can spot and avoid such dangers.

Perk 2: (this'll be short)

UAV Jammer: Your second tool to complete stealth, it always brings a smile to my face to be the last man alive on my team in SnD and the enemy calls in a UAV. This perk keeps you off the radar when the enemies UAV is up. This paired with a silencer keeps you off the map always!

Stopping Power: I do not reccomend this perk because it is a crutch and you shouldn't need it, but if you must. Some reccomend using it in soft-core SnD as there is a chance that the enemy may never call in a UAV. I do not reccomend as it ruins the philosophy of complete stealth.

Perk 3:

Steady Aim: I absolutely love this perk and use it for my SnD defense class, i almost never pull up my irons when going ninja and this perk just makes the waist aiming that much more accurate, SMG waist crosshairs are microscopic with this!

Extreme Conditioning: This perk is amazing for bobbing and weaving around the map, getting to crucial spots before the enemies, setting ambushes and running behind enemy lines safer. This is what i use for my master class in my sig, a truly fun perk.

Dead Silence: Fantastic for maps where clunking on a wood floor will give that sniper, your sneaking up on, time to whip out his pistol and prepare for your attack. You may not notice but foot steps are noticeable in this game and this perk diminishes the enemies advantage of hearing.

Tactics: The ninja class is built for silent, quick and surprise killing. Patience, knowledge of the general location of the mass of enemies, knowledge of that maps and their short cuts and ambush spots, and knowing the right time to move are all key to mastering this art!

Ambushing: This tactic (albeit some may call it camping) works very effective with perk 3's extreme conditioning. Running ahead to a crucial spot where you know an enemy or group of enemies will be passing can score you some quick kills and create confusion when enemies see comrade's dropping but no sound or radar blips comming up. Also moving to another, yet still near ambush point is key for when more enemies come to investigate the skulls on their screen where their buddies died.

Flanking: This tactic works beautifully when you have memorized your maps and also when you are sure you know the position of your mass of enemies and that you know a safe, route to quickly get behind them. Patience is also required, move quick but don't take shor cuts where you may be shot at or spotted, use cover and buildings as you work your way behind the enemy mass. You will be rewarded with the privelege to hump a few enemies and then spray 3 of them in the back and knife another.

Use Enemy UAV to Your Advantage! (Kudos to Kamikaze for reminding me) Enemy UAv being up is a GOOD thing when being a ninja. I know when our UAV is up i am given a sense of security, well use it to your advantage! Being in your team's pack will only ruin it because your in the midst of all your teammates' blips, but if your off lone wolfing it behind enemy lines they'll never see your attack comming!

Some of my personal tricks: When you have ambushed a few enemies and drawn the fire of a few others in another position, fall back to cover. Wait a few seconds, 95% of the time the enemy has their sights pulled up on the doorway you just exited, quickly sprint around their position and come in behind them, lead in with a cooked frag or special grenade, this is extremely effective in SnD where staying alive is key.

Sprint! Sprint! Sprint! The enemy is less likely to see or hit you running to a covered spot or into a building then slowly walking with irons pulled up. Sprinting can cause confusion, if an enemy sees you sprint into a building he will likely follow, you have the advantage of setting up a good ambush spot, dont be predictable and hide in a place he will shoot into as soon as he enters.

Patience will keep you alive! I can not tell you how many times this has happened to me and probably to most everyone! Your sitting in a room in a corner and an enemy runs by so you jump out of hiding and pop his arse! Only to have his buddy come up behind you and shank you. I have learned, through forced practic,e to sit and wait. Most of the time the enemy will have a buddy or two, through patience and waiting you can score 2 or more kills and live to tell you teammates as opposed to killing one enemy right before having a knife forcefully inserted into your vertebrae.

Utilize Smoke Grenades! I use a smoke grenade on my Ninja class and find it highly effective for man different things. I throw into wide spaces i know a sniper will be covering, i throw it onto bombs to ninja defuse or plant. I also use it as a distraction by throwin it in a different place other than myself to make the enemy focus on the smoke and the potential threat comming out of it, only for me to come up behind them.