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General Guide About CoD4

General Guide about CoD4

Tips, Perk, Weapons and a lot more!

Enjoy the guide. It took a while to put together.  Smiley

This guide was submitted by Mr.Waulrus and Graphic.

Introduction from Mr.Waulrus:

First of all, I'd like to say that this guide, while written by me and Graphic is derived from opinions of the community. I am not imposing any opinions on you or telling you what to do. I am simply offering you my suggestions that are based on information I gathered from YOU (the players). If you disagree with any portion of the guide, please contact with me or Graphic personally to suggest amends.


Assault Tier

The Assault tier is a combination between power, accuracy and high rates of fire into one, little package. It is a very good and versatile set and if perfected, will give the player to be able to use most of other tiers with ease.


The M16A4 is a very good starting weapon. Let me make that clear right off the bat. But it?s also one of the hardest to learn how to use and if perfected will lead the owner to victory most of the time. The M16 fires in three-shot bursts and offers the wielder good accuracy, as good as any of the other semi-automatic rifles.

Recommendation of Mr.Waulrus: Using a Red Dot Scope and Stopping Power perk is the key to perfection.


The AK-47 if wielded by a person who knows how to use it, maybe at times more deadly than any other weapon out there. It can fire full auto, but that will severely decrease the accuracy thus making the weapon miss the target and alert the person being fired upon without being damaged.

Recommendation of Mr.Waulrus: Because, the general consensus on the forums is that the AK-47 features almost the best iron sight in the game, it is highly suggested to place a silencer on the weapon as well as stopping power perk to make it just that much more deadly. Plus it will make you invisible on the enemy?s radar. Also I would suggest bandolier if available because you seem to run through the clips on the AK-47 quite fast if you are not firing in short, well-placed bursts.

M4 Carbine

The M4 Carbine is another fully automatic assault rifle that has the ability to perform wonders if wielded right. It?s more accurate than the AK-47 at some instances and the iron sight, while not bad may take some time of getting used to. Also, it does not deliver the kick of the AK-47. In some situations, it may take a few more shots to take a person down. It all depends on how those shots are planned.

Recommendation of Mr.Waulrus: After playing with it for a while, I found myself doing more damage with the Red Dot sight over the silencer because I was not able to master the scope. If you are like me and are having problems with it, stick with the Red Dot Sight. I would suggest the Stopping Power and Bandolier perks, for obvious reasons.


The G3 is a very accurate, semi-automatic rifle favored by many of the community for those exact reasons. But the small 20 round clip and the need to press the fire button repeatedly in order to, well, fire can get on the nerves of many players if they are unused to or the spray-n-pray type.

Recommendation of Mr.Waulrus: I would recommend a Stopping Power perk along with a Red Dot Sight/ACOG scope to fully capitalize on the successes of the G3.


The G36C is a powerful, compact and highly accurate fully automatic assault rifle. It?s easy to master and the iron sights on the G36C are quite easy to use. It?s a classic that has grown on many people starting from the moment they unlocked it.

Recommendation of Mr.Waulrus: I would recommend Stopping Power, Bandolier and a Red Dot Sight for this is the most accurate fully automatic assault rifle for many players in the game. Also, take short bursts.


The M14 is a high-power, high accuracy rifle with the ability to kill people with two shots, without stopping power. But with high-power comes a high price to pay, recoil. If you find that the recoil does not bother you or you have found a way around it, the M14 becomes superior to the recoil-less G3 which is loved by many.

Recommendation of Mr.Waulrus: I would recommend the use of Stopping Power and a Red Dot/ACOG scope because of the rifle?s high power and accuracy.


The MP44 is a high-power grandfather of all assault rifles. Since it was developed during World War II and was never used on the modern-day battlefields it is nothing but an old classic returning. Also because of it?s age, no attachments exist for it, making it quite a hard to master.

Recommendation of Mr.Waulrus: Take short bursts, use stopping power and get accustomed to the use of MP44?s ?unusual? iron sights.

SMG Tier

The SMG tier is the combination of LMG?s high rates of fire with close quarter combat situations. If mastered, it will provide the player with very effective CQB weapons that may turn the tide of battle. The SMG tier is highly effective at medium to close range, but almost ineffective at medium to long range.


The MP5 is a fast-firing, accurate weapon that is capable of unloading a lot of bullets into a person, in the shortest amount of time you could think of. It is favored by many, but is often forgotten and overshadowed by weapons such as the P90 or the AK-74U.

Recommendations from Mr.Waulrus: Depending of what you want to do with the weapon, the choice must be made. If you are a silence type, pop-on a silencer with the Double-Tap, Bandolier and Steady Aim Perks to unload a hail of bullets onto the enemy. If you choose accuracy over fast-firing, I would suggest a Red Dot Sight scope with Stopping Power perks.


The P90 is a choice of many online players because of it?s simplicity, capability to deliver 200 bullets without the use of bandolier and it is fatal in close quarter encounters. But, the only real problem with the P90 is that it is looked down upon by the community and is considered a new-player weapon.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I would suggest Bandolier, Double-Tap, Steady Aim and a silencer.

Mini Uzi

The Mini Uzi is a weapon that is deadly in the hands of a person who has the time and effort put in to master it. It has unexpectedly high accuracy and damage and also one of the fastest reload times, but once again like many of SMG tier weapons is overshadowed by weapons such as the AK-74U and P90.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I would suggest Steady Aim and a Silencer for the optimal performance.


The Skorpion is one of those weapons that you either hate, or you don't. It takes a lot of patience and skill to get good with. It's all about when and how to use it, really. The Skorpion  is deadly at shotgun range, but won't do much from range. Also, the clip is quite small, making it that much harder.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I would suggest Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand and Bandolier as well as a silencer. That's the best way of using it, I think.


The AK-74U has been mistakenly placed in the SMG division. Technically, it's a carbine, just like the M4. But it does lack M4's accuracy and power for which it makes up with a high rate of fire. If the user fire's the AK-74U in short but quick bursts, the user will find that it is a very, very accurate and powerful SMG. It's favored by a lot of player over the P90 because it takes a bit more skill to use, perhaps.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: Silence the AK-74U, use double tap/stopping power and steady aim with bandolier for the best performance.

LMG Tier

 The LMG tier weapons were designed for two main reasons. Suppressive fire and the ability to put more bullets down range than your opponents at faster speed, no matter what the accuracy will turn out. Most of these guns are something labeled as a "bullet hose". (Excuse me for my use of slang) It's not necessarily accurate, but it'll feel the enemy real fast. DO NOT, and I will say it again, DO NOT expect great accuracy when firing these guns. Expect high powered bullets, recoil and a very fast rate of fire. The key to victory with an LMG is to fire in short, controlled bursts. They will hit once the user is accustomed to the idea to

M249 Saw

The M249 Saw, by general consensus has the better sights out of the LMG's available. With that said, it's also less powerful and not as fast as the other two choices for the LMG. It may take quite a few hits with an M249 to bring a person down. While the difference is only a couple shots, they could also mean life and death for the wielder.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I would suggest fitting a grip in order to improve accuracy due to the great iron sights on the gun. I would also suggest the use of stopping power over double tap because double tap leads to inaccurate fire, while stopping power, if used right works great. Steady Aim would also be a good idea to use.


The RPD is the weapon of choice by many people who use LMG's. It's the most seen LMG online. It may not be the best by popular vote, by it's certainly popular. The RPD has high power, decent accuracy for it's type of gun and it's a very fast firing gun. If you are new to the LMG tier and have unlocked this gun, it would be a great gun to start off with.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I would suggest the use of the Red Dot Scope, double tap and steady aim/deep penetration. That combination has the potential, due to the guns base stats to be very good, if used right and the user fires in short burst, like an LMG is supposed to be fired.


The M60E4 is a very, very powerful gun. It lacks a good iron sights, but it has great accuracy and power and is considered, by many the greatest LMG available in Call Of Duty 4. If perfected, the user becomes a bullet spitting machine that will never run out of ammo.
Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I suggest a scope replacement, double tap/stopping power perk and the steady aim/deep penetration perk.

Sniper Tier

The Sniper Tier Weapons are the 1 shot 1 kill weapons of the game. They are the hardest guns to use, but once mastered they are deadly. The use of these weapons are to support your main team, while wreaking havoc in the other team?s organization and promoting fear.

The sniper is the reaper and the sniper rifle is his scythe. - Anonymous


The M40A3 is the starting sniper rifle and it's very, very good. It is a bolt-action sniper rifle that deals a lot of damage and has very high accuracy. If used right, it's a formidable weapon capable of taking out an enemy with one shot.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I suggest stopping power, deep impact/iron lungs for this sniper.


The Remington 700 is a strong and highly accurate bolt-action rifle. In the hands of a marksman, it is deadly to the enemy. By general consensus the rifle is "better" than the M40A3, but is a tiny-bit less accurate than the M40A3. It's really a matter of preference, nothing else. They are both great sniper rifles, for people who know how to use the bolt-action rifles successfully.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I suggest stopping power in order to maximize the bullet damage, deep penetration to get those pesky people behind walls and claymores to make sure nobody sneaks up on you.


The M21 is an excellent starting Sniper Rifle. It's semi-automatic, so people new to sniping will find it comfortable to use. It's also lacks Dragunov's or Barrett's recoil in between shots. It's powerful and accurate, but is not the sniper of choice for many players in the game due to it being the easiest sniper rifle out there to use, by general consensus of snipers.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I suggest stopping power to increase the damage the gun can deal and I also suggest Iron Lungs to capitalize on the rifle's low recoil between shots to get as many shots off down range, into the target.


The Dragunov is a widely used semi-automatic sniper rifle preferred by many players. It's powerful and accurate. But it has a major drawback, that leads people to use different sniper rifles. The recoil after the first shot causes the aim, at times to jump drastically up, thus preventing the player from making a second, follow up shot if needed. There are quite a few ways around that, implemented by snipers such as releasing the deep breathing trigger and then squeezing it again, or exiting zoom and going back in really quickly to make up for the recoil.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: I would recommend the use of Stopping Power and Deep Penetration perks because the SVD, due to the high recoil experienced by many, is not about shooting accurate, but about shooting fast somewhere around the target.

Barrett M107

The Barrett M107 also known as the .50 cal is the loudest and most powerful rifle in the game because it shoots a large .50 caliber round into it's enemy. But with high power, there comes a price. That price, on this gun is inaccuracy and high recoil. That's why most people who use it, take a while to learn and use their gun. Most people use the gun just for the use of the fear factor. If someone fires a .50 cal, it's heard equally in all corners of the map. This causes some players to keep their head down and move slowly, thus giving time for their enemies to set up.

Suggestions from Mr.Waulrus: Use Stopping Power to make sure it will kill the enemy in one shot. Also, I would suggest deep penetration perk in order to make it go through walls and take out the enemy behind it. The .50 caliber round, combined with stopping power and deep penetration leaves the enemy with almost no hiding places because the bullet will virtually go though any material, dealing high damage to the enemy behind it, no matter of the circumstances. It may not kill them, but it will definitely severely weaken them.

Shotguns (written by Graphic)

The shotgun is the perfect weapons for those who wants to get mean and dirty in close quarter combat. With high damage out put, one shot is all that is needed. Given that you are close enough to deliver it.


The better of the two, much better if you ask me.  If you have a good aim, it is unsurpassed in close combat, period.  Nothing, not even a double-tapped P90, can beat one hit kill shotgun blasts.  It will almost always get you 1-hit kills if your crosshair is centered, even at its max range (one inch beyond which the buckshot magically disappears for some reason).

Recommended perks:
Slot 1: Grip.  If you don't have it, earn it ASAP.  The kick without it, while manageable, is going to seriously hinder you if you "absolutely, positively have to kill every motherf#[email protected] in the room."  Bandolier is tempting but you won't need that much ammo.  Ideally, you wont be firing but 1-2 shells per kill, so the 18 or whatever you get without Bando is more than enough to last you until you get killed.
Slot 2: Slight of Hand.  Nothing else in Slot 2 compares to the usefulness of Slight.  Each pellet does 40 damage, you don't need stopping power, it'll just go to waste.
Slot 3: Nothing in Slot 3 is mandatory, but Extreme Conditioning or Dead Silence are highly recommended in order to quickly/silently close the distance if you see someone out of range.  I strongly advise against Steady Aim, accuracy is the last thing you need or want as the point of the shotgun is to make it as hard as possible to miss.  Tightening the hip spread is just going to make it easier to miss if your aim is off.

All that said, I personally prefer Grip, Slight of Hand, and Extreme Conditioning.


Personally I'm not a fan of this one, but it does have it's uses.  If the conditions are right you can take out entire rooms of people very quickly, with one shot each.

Recommended perks:

Slot 1: Bandolier.  The grip isn't a big deal for this one since it hardly jumps at all to begin with.  With such a small ammo capacity and getting so few shells w/o Bando, using Bando is the best bet.
Slot 2: Slight of Hand.  This couldn't be more mandatory.  You only get 4 shells at a time.  You will be reloading constantly.
Slot 3: Extreme Conditioning or Dead Silence again.  I prefer Dead Silence since the 1-hit kill range of it seems to be half that of the pump.


The pistols are those kind of weapons that you use as a last resort option when you are, for example, out of ammo or don't time to reload your primary. There is absolutely no reason, not to silence a pistol, unless it's impossible because you don't need range on pistols.


The M9 is a very, very good starter pistol. It's powerful and accurate and does exactly what a pistol is supposed to do, be a last resort option.

Colt .45

The Colt .45(M1911) is (by consensus of player) is the best silence-able  pistol in the game that could be silenced. You should equip it as your pistol as soon as you get it.

Desert Eagle

The Desert, especially the Golden version of the gun is loved by everybody. It's loud, it's powerful and it has good range to take out people. But it's highly inaccurate and doesn't feature the ability to silence it. If you are going for an all silenced kit, scrap the Desert Eagle and pick up the Colt .45.

Usp .45

The USP .45 is the most familiar pistol to the player through the game. It is also, debatably, the most accurate pistol in the game.


There is no problem that can't be solved with enough explosives.

Fragmentation Grenade

The Fragmentation grenade is the grenade type you are most likely to see on Call of Duty 4 game servers being used. It, unlike every other grenade kills people. But it also leads to the unfavorable grenade spamming. When you are using the grenade, attempt to hold the trigger for longer before throwing it, thus cooking it and causing it to explode much sooner without the enemy having the ability to pick it up.

Flash Bang Grenade

The Flash Bang grenade is the grenade of choice for many players. It blinds them, thus keeping them from seeing you. But the Flash Bang does have quite a few drawbacks. First drawback is that it has to be fairly close to the player to blind him, fully. Second of all, the player must be looking in the general direction of the grenade to be blinded. Third is that the effects, usually wear of pretty quick. And the fourth is that there is no confirmation and then enemy can still blindly fire while flashed. It's great for clearing rooms or walking into heavily fortified positions.

Stun Grenade

The Stun grenade is not widely used because of it's "short" range and that it is almost never used in single player. But it's a great grenade. If you get it where you need it, it will leave the enemy motionless for a short amount of time, letting you kill him rather quickly. It also gives you an "x" on the screen if it gets the enemy.

Smoke Grenade

The Smoke grenade is not widely used because it severely cripples yours and the enemy's performance when the smoke screen goes up. But, at times, it could save you through providing you with a quick getaway. It's also good covering up your assault on a room. Just spay n pray.

Composite 4 (C4)

The C4 is a very, very good weapon, great for ambushes and unleashing destruction upon the enemy. If placed in the right spots, C4 will cause an explosion of such magnitude, good enough to completely decimate the enemy's team, wiping it out completely. It's a good idea to combine it with sonic boom for maximized results. (Double tap reload to cause the mine to explode)

Claymore mine

The Claymore mine, if placed correctly is a weapon that will leave your enemy dead and you warned because someone else might be coming. It's very helpful for sniper kits because, most of the time the snipers are not aware of their left, right and back, especially when zoomed in.

M203/GP30 Grenade Launchers

The Grenade Launcher is a formidable, but easy to use weapon. The easiness of the weapon causes a lot of scorn upon the player using it. (Derogatory comments and such).   


The RPG-7 has little splash damage, thus making it useless in taking out large groups of enemies, unless coupled with the Sonic Boom Perk. It may take some time to master, for the rockets are known to curve one they fly enough. Usually, it?s an upward curve. So aim a bit lower to use it to your advantage. It is highly effective against stationary targets such as mounted LMGs and Helicopter.



The perk is a multiplayer only feature. It adds certain abilities to your kit such as the ability to sprint for longer period of time  or carry more ammo. They are slit up into three tiers. You have a choice of only ONE perk per each tier. Some attachments (Grip, Grenade Launcher) will replace your selection of perk one.


Tier 1 Perks


Bomb Squad

The bomb squad perk allows you to see enemy explosive devices such as claymore mines and C4 on your screen. Unless you constantly find yourself being killed by the above mentioned devices, this perk is not all that important.

C4 x 2

The C4 perk provides you with two Composite 4 charges and a detonator. If placed right, the C4 can be a formidable weapon, capable of taking out whole enemy groups. Coupled with Sonic Boom, it?s deadly.

Claymore x 2

The Claymore perk provides you with two Claymore mines, ready to be placed. If placed correctly the Claymore mines provide the player with a heavily defended position. If placed incorrectly, they could be easily taken out by the enemy.

RPG-7 x 2

The RPG-7 perk provides you with two Rocket Propelled Grenades. Look above, at the weaponry section to find out RPG?s capabilities.

Special Grenades x 3

The Special Grenades x3 perk provides you with 3 flash or stun grenades. The perk cannot be used in a combination with smoke grenades.

Frag x 3

The Frag x 3 perk provides you with 3 frag grenades at your disposal.


Bandolier perk provides you with extra ammo (gun dependant amount) for a gun of your choice. It is highly effective with Full Auto weaponry, because users tend to run out pretty quick.

Tier 2 Perks


The Juggernaut perk provides the player with extra health. Not really that much health, if you ask me. But just enough to make the difference between killing your opponent and dying yourself.

Sleight of hand

Sleight of Hand drastically speeds up the reload time of any gun in the kit. It?s highly effective with the Shotgun and LMG tier because those gun have the longest reload times.

Stopping power

The Stopping Power perk drastically increases the damage done by each shot that hits the opponent. A very useful perk, indeed. Two shots, landing directly in the chest or above, from an M16A4(6 bullets) are enough to bring a Juggernaut down.

UAV Jammer

The UAV Jammer perk jams the enemy radar, making the user unseen. However, if the user is not using a silenced weapon he will show up on the radar, no matter if he does or does not have the perk. The perk?s effectiveness will be later discussed in the tactics section.

Sonic Boom

The Sonic Boom perk increases the radius and damage done by explosives.  Coupled with correct placing of the explosives, it provides the player to dispose of whole teams.

Double Tap

The Double Tap perk drastically increases the rate of fire on any gun. Although it?s not quite that impressive on single shot/semi-automatic weapons.



The Overkill perk gives the player the ability to carry two primary weapons. It?s deemed ineffective in non-Hardcore modes because the guns don?t deal enough damage, at times.


Tier 3


Extreme conditioning

The Extreme Conditioning perk provides the player with an almost unlimited sprinting ability. How much sprinting is too much? Very helpful coupled with Stun/Flash grenades to shorten the distance between you and the opponent, making it easier to kill them.

Steady Aim

The steady aim perk increases the accuracy of a gun while firing from the hip. Should not be used with Shotgun tier, but is great with the SMG/LMG tiers.

Last Stand

After being shot, the user will fall into to the ?last stand? mode pulling out a pistol and receiving a chance to kill enemies until he bleeds out or is shot. The mode comes, sometimes as unexpected and may take some time to master. If used correctly, the perk could provide the player with the ability to hold down capture points such as domination flags or HQ?s with even the possibility to capture them.

Deep Impact

The Deep Impact increases the bullet penetration through walls as well as increasing the overall damage of bullets that pierce walls.

Dead Silence

The Dead Silence perk provides the player with an opportunity to run around the map without making any footstep sounds. Highly effective on fully silenced kits.

Iron Lungs

The Iron Lungs perk gives sniper?s the ability to hold their breath for long periods of time, thus increasing accuracy and chances of hitting the enemy. It?s unadvised to use this perk with semi-automatic snipers because the semi-autos are not about accuracy. They are about delivering enough bullets to kill the person from long range, without so much worrying about those precision shots that you are forced to make using the bolt-action rifles.


The Eavesdrop perk let?s you listen in on nearby players conversations. Because nobody, usually says anything worthwhile to listen to and because of the perk?s short effectiveness range the perk is virtually useless.


After being killed, the player will drop a live grenade, hopefully killing the person who has killed him. The perk is, for some reason highly effective. Most people are unaware of the grenade dropping and always rush toward the body rather than away. But despite it?s effectiveness, it?s looked down upon by the community because it?s the easiest way of achieving kills. Also, it can lead to team kills in hardcore modes.




Tactic #1: How to play hardcore.

Hardcore game types feature lack of heads up display, minuscule health and extra damage for the guns. While, I can?t tell you how to play the game, I can offer a few suggestions of things to use that are key to success in hardcore.

Perks: The most effective and invaluable perk in hardcore is, by far, UAV Jammer. Because, after some ?tests? were performed, and it was determined that people are addicted to the red dot(i.e. players will rush to the dot once it pops up, not minding their surroundings)  which pops up on the radar once the UAV is up, removing yourself from the red dots on that radar severely extends your life span. If you go in with a full silenced kit(see tactic #3) your odds of survival are increased.

Another great perk would have to be dead silence, which allows you to sneak up on the enemy player encampments.

Unadvised perks:

Martyrdom perk, because it can lead to unneeded team kills. Stopping Power is unadvised because weapons are powerful enough to kill in a few shots without it.


Tactic #2: How to hold a building/establish a defensive position.

If you?re playing objective game types such as domination, headquarters and/or search and destroy, this Tactic is for you. If you play game types such as Team Death Match, this tactic could be used, but will be frowned upon and called camping.

#1. To establish a successful defensive position, know your team. Know which weapon everyone is good with. If one is good with a sniper, make him the designated marksman and send him alone or in a team of two to cover the place you are trying to cover, from the side.

#2. Make sure that everyone knows what they are doing. Some may be on the mounted machine gun, while the others are watching entrances (There is usually only two entrances to a building).

#3.Make sure that everyone is evenly spread out in such a way that no more than one could be taken out by a lucky grenade.

#4. If number 3 is not possible, you didn?t choose the best building for the task. Search for a larger and better building, if possible.

#5. Make sure to set up a large defensive perimeter around your position with the use of such things as C4 and Claymore mines. Place the evenly and hidden, just to make sure that the enemy can?t destroy them/set off a chain reaction.

#6. It is vital that you make sure that everyone knows what they are supposed to do.

#7. If the enemy uses their sniper resource in an attempt to take you out, use the previously discussed team of two to take him out. Team of two should consist of a sniper rifle and a silenced kit (tactic #3), preferably an assault rifle.

#8. If the defensive position is compromised, refer to Tactic #4 or Tactic #5 or if possible reestablish one, once more.


Tactic #3: How to create a stealthy kit.

The purpose of this tactic/tip is to inform the player on the creation of stealthy kits.

First of all, the purpose of a stealthy kit is to be stealthy. One must know how to use the kit, to be successful. This kit is not for running in the middle of the map, spraying in praying. It?s for the type of player who enjoys taking his time. To be stealthy, you must take your time and make sure to be always on the move, but move cautiously so that your position was not compromised.

Stealth/ Ninja tactics 101(Written by Bart, a Call of Duty 4 boards member.)

Your kit:

Sub-machine gun will work best for this due to close quarters combat you will involve yourself in, and the fact you may need to pick people at a slightly further range.
Best guns for the job: Any smg you know how to use. Personal recommendation: mp5, well rounded gun, good dmg, recoil is not too much, and it comes with a decent sized magazine. Ak-47 and G36C may work too.
Attachment: Silencer, no brainer here, if you dont want the enemy to know your there.
Secondary firearm: Colt .45, this baby can be silenced, and it packs a punch.
Perks: Bandolier or claymores. Perk 1. C4 if your on a map with good choke-points.

Bandolier: If you want to remain as stealthy as possible as long as possible(i.e not having to pick up another enemies weapon, which is unsilenced) , this is for you, you may find a silenced weapon in the field, but dont count on it.

Claymore: If you want to do guerrilla warfare style, and are good at conserving ammo(something which i am abysmal at) , these are for you, set them in doorways or at the tops of flights of stairs(place them a few feet back from the top of the stairs, claymores take roughly one second after detecting movement to go off, this is known because if you set off a claymore, you hear a slight click just before it goes off)

C4: This is an add-on to the guide. C4 can be used in tightly packed maps, and ONLY in tightly packed maps or its just a waste of a perk. Pipelines tunnels are excellent places to camp with these, put em by a door, wait for someone to run through then pop it, assess your minimap for a window to place another one then get back to cover(note: this tactic works EXTREMELY well on domination when defending a flag). Also, camping in the buildings on overgrown with these can prove a menace to anyone wanting to get up the stairs.

Perk 2: UAV Jammer, right, the explanation for this is simple, but i will go into it briefly in easy to understand language. Enemy know your there = Large amounts of lead directed at your face

Perk 3: I personally use either dead silence or steady aim, i use dead silence a lot more, because enemies cannot here you coming at all unless they got the sound cranked up high. I don't recommend martyrdom, its a waste of a perk, and now the games been out a while, people know to run away from corpses because every noob in the game uses this.

Infiltration: Memorise maps, and know less traveled routes, alleyways, and tunnels are a good bet. The tunnel system under pipeline is an excellent way of getting around without exposing yourself, but be prepared to fight, so therefore dont sprint in the tunnels unless you know theres no enemy round the corner, as sprinting ruins reaction time(takes a sec to pull gun out) . Once infiltrated, observe your surroundings for enemies(HC mode) or check the minimap(non-HC mode).

Being a ninja: If you see an enemy, assess the situation on your minimap so you know about where his team mates are, i advise staying hidden and kill him from a distance, because silenced weapons dont have tracers in them or a muzzle flash so its easy to kill without being noticed. If there are a few enemies , use your stealth to your advantage. try and get into a flanking position and kill them from behind, chances are, once you knock off one, the others will not notice because they hear no gunshots, if you run out of ammo, use this time to reload and take the others out. If they are very close together, i suggest tactical use of your grenade, cook it well, for a good 3 seconds if you can, or more, if you know how to cook it properly, and throw it at them, they wont have time to see the indicator, then kaboom, finish off any survivors with your primary or secondary weapon(i recommend secondary if they are confused because it conserves the ammo on your primary weapon.) If someone starts shooting at your, there team WILL hear gunshots, and they will come to toast you, so if someone starts shooting at you, you must be mega fast in judging a kill or not, if more have noticed, run like hell. if your caught out, grab a nade quick, this is the poor mans version of martyrdom, it will drop after you die, may kill a few.

Keep moving: you kill an enemy in stealth, they WILL, and i can guarantee 99.99% of the time they WILL come back to look for you, so take a kill, move on, if your playing on pipeline, go Saddam Hussein style and go underground, or hide in the hills, as they are quite big, plus you can knife rape the snipers.

Use your knife: This is to conserve ammo, if your being stealthy, then a knife kill should not be a prob, unless they actually see you running towards them. This is purely to help conserve ammo, but it does add a ninja feeling to it  .

Laying traps: I went over this briefly in infiltration. If you want to be a trap layer and cause a bit of mayhem, use claymores instead of bandolier, you may suffer in loss of ammo, but if you use your secondary weapon tactically, then ammo is slightly less of a prob. Put your claymores in doorways, a few feet backwards from the door, as the red lasers that point out of the claymore, will be seen and an enemy will shoot the claymore, also, if its right in the door frame, an enemy will run right over it before it can fully trigger.
However, you dont need to just use claymores for traps, lie in wait in a dark corner(omg, i told people to camp!  , this is the whole part of your MO, stay hidden, if an enemy passes by, waste him with your silenced wep, then move to a different location, because he will keep coming back, trust me.

Your discovered: If a single enemy knows where you are, then its best to waste him then move on QUICKLY. If its multiple enemies, then you have no other choice to run, may be cowardly, but its the best thing to do, dieing also leaves the claymores you have placed where they are so they can cause more mayhem.

Overwhelming odds: If you see lots of enemies on your minimap, you must hide yourself into a corner where they will not see you. While you are here, it usually helps to NOT shoot at them, if one of there team spontaneously dies in front of them, they will look for you. Use dark spots, they are your friend, attack like a praying mantis, quick, but devastating, and retreat and revise your strategy.

Re-infiltration: If you survive this far, your a good ninja, at this point, ammo is going to become a problem, so i suggest either rushing them and dieing, or stealing a silenced wep or using your secondary firearm, once your ammo is completely exhausted, try a last ditch kamikaze attempt with the knife for kills, then once you are dead, and respawn repeat. If you do get this far though, use a different route of infiltration, and have a flexible plan of how to get behind enemy lines, because teams will constantly move around the map or switch sides.

How to integrate teamwork into this: I have exploited my stealth into "baiting" large amounts of enemies to follow me to try and kill me(works more often than you'd think) , this works wonders in domination, sabo, and TDM, domination, because it can take some heat off a flag they are attacking or defending, sabo, it can draw them away from the objective(if your being stealthy in sabo, NEVER pick up the bomb, for obvious reasons) , TDM, as it can help your team flank the enemy and get some easy kills.
A large amount of being a ninja is being a lone wolf, so if you cant aim a gun properly, then this isn't for you, as in times of self-defence, helps if your hitting the enemy, not a spot on the wall, 6 feet to the left of the enemy.

Duo or trio: If you have a friend who you play with, its advisable that he also get a stealth setup, one of you should have bandolier, the other, claymores. Decide between you who's who, the one with the ammo should protect the trap layer, and in-case of one being killed, you must agree on a regrouping point at a certain spot on the map, if this spot is not available due to enemy presence, agree on multiple spots to maximise your chances of getting back together. Strength in numbers. when it comes to hiding  from overwhelming odds, i suggest you split up, if you hide right next to each other, an enemy will quickly wipe you both out.

I liken this to guerrilla warfare, and summarise it with the words of the red army commander Mao Tze-tung:

When the enemy advances, we retreat: (they shoot at you, run, one can alert many)
When the enemy halts and encamps, we trouble them;(use ur claymores people, and flank em good!)
When they seek to avoid a battle, we attack;
and when they retreat, we pursue. (if there running, with there backs to you, pursue them)

wise words, which contributed to the red army's success. Mao Tze-tung also said, to have a war of maneuvers, if you spend your whole time in a corner , your going to be discovered, and you will eat lead.

note: obviously there are maps, where this tactic will never work, but on big maps, this map will cause dis-array to the enemy team, and will definitely piss them off.

remember, darkness is your freind, use it wisely, expose yourself and your screwed, stay hidden, and theres less chance of lead coming your way.


#1. Choose any weapon that has the ability to be suppressed and has the best iron sights for you.

#2. Silence it.

#3. Take the M1911 pistol and silence it as well.

#4. Take a batch of C4/Claymores or bandoliers to wreak the most havoc possible behind enemy lines.

#5. Perk up your kit with Dead Silence and UAV jammer. (If you take short bursts, you will take out people without stopping power. Might take a few more bullets, hence why bandolier is suggested.)

#6. Using the non-obvious routes (behind crates, alleys, windows) insert yourself behind enemy lines.
#7. Constantly keep on the move and wreak havoc behind enemy lines. Make sure to NEVER pick up or use un-silenced weapons. If you run out of ammo, scavenge for it.


Tactic #4: Withdrawal from a position.

#1. If your defensive position has been compromised or infiltrated, withdraw to an already planned regroup spot in order to regroup/ reestablish defensive position. Use your two man team asset and your light machine gunners to cover your tracks, hold the enemy off. Make sure to take non-conventional routes and if possible, mine them after passing through.

#2. If your unit is destroyed, find a regroup position, but do not travel in large groups to avoid large casualties.

#3. Once successfully regrouped, refer to tactic #2 or tactic #5 depending on the situation.


Tactic #5: Assault on a heavily fortified position.

#1.User your sniper assets to pick off as many heavily armed people in the building as possible.

#2. Watch out for two men groups sent out behind you by your enemy.

#3. Work fast. Work quietly.

#4. Once close enough to the building make use of your smoke/flash bang/stun grenades to disorient the enemy and capture the defended position.

#5. Run a building clean-up, after capture to make sure that no enemy units remain within, hidden behind a couch and what not.


Tactic #6: How to work in a two man team.

#1. Make sure you both got your backs covered.

#2. If you?re a covert team composed of a sniper and a stealth kit, always keep on the move. Especially the sniper because his kit, by design can?t be fully silenced.

#3, Always keep on the move, taking out as many enemy units as possible. Pick your shots wisely.

#4. If the enemy begins to conduct a sweep of the area, withdraw and come back later, when they go back to charging the heavily fortified position.

#5. If one of you dies, the other one must withdraw to the, already decided regroup point.


I understand that these tactics are team based and I didn?t make any tactics for the lone wolf players out there. But Call of Duty 4 IS a team game, so you?d better learn how to work as one. Getting into teams of friends is a lot of fun, and if you don?t have any, make some.

For those who are struggling with the headshot challenges, or just want a tip on how to get those headshots easier, this tip is for you!
I've been playing the game from quite a while and always thought that headshots took skill to get. And don't get me wrong, they do. But not as much as many of you like to think. Headshots, once you figure it out are quite simple things to achieve. The reason most people don't get them, while firing a gun is because of the way they aim.

Every time you point that scope or iron sights at the enemy's head and fire, most of the time you end up hitting their neck/shoulder. You may kill them, but you don't receive a "headshot" kill. That's because, if you point any of the sights at the middle or below of the enemy's head, the bullets will go lower than expected. That's because the sights are mounted on top of the gun, thus higher than the bullet that comes out of the barrel. To counter that effect, the sights must be focused on a "target spot" a tad above of what you want to hit. Every gun is different and may take time to get used to. My suggestion is shoot above the middle line of the face.
Hope this helped.