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CoD4 Weapons Chart

Here's a Call of Duty 4 weapons chart made by DenKirson, it has the same stats as our weapon stats section, but here you can see it all on one page in a chart.

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Also there is a bullet penetration chart

A small explanation: (thanks to Barricade from our forums (Note: The damage on the chart has been changed to (Minimum - Maximum))

Damage and range - Most guns have two values here because their shots do less damage at high ranges. To give you an example on how that works, lets have a look at the M16.

When bullets from this gun hit a target within 1500u (u = unit; a special value to determine distances in this game) they do 40 points of damage. Beyond 1500u the bullets loose power and after travelling 2000u at all they will do 30 damage pts. each, which is why everybody uses stopping power with this gun (one 3 round burst = only 90 damage pts. at 2000u).

If you use a silencer the range is reduced to 500-1000. Also note that a unit is longer on large maps and shorter on small maps. That way the range of your weapon is adjusted to the size of the map you are currently playing on.

Damage multipliers - Hit your opponent in the designated spot to do more damage or even score a 1 hit kill. Most weapons get a x1.4 damage bonus for headshots and some sniper rifles get an additional x1.5 multiplier for shots to the neck and torso.

Rate of fire - How many bullets you can fire in one minute with this gun assuming you don't have to reload.

Reload time - How long it takes to reload this weapon when there is still a round in the chamber and when the gun is completely empty.

Hip accuracy - How accurate your shots are when you're standing/crouched/prone. Lower value = better. The numbers on the right determine the accuracy when you are moving while in the stance shown on the left. If you are moving the crosshairs get larger to reflect the loss of accuracy.

For more about stats check out the Stats Overview and Stat Descriptions pages.

CoD4 Weapons Chart

Bullet Penetration Chart

CoD4 Bullet Penetration Chart

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