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CoD4 Weapon Recoil - Assault Rifles

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By: Feonian -I have tested the bullet patterns on every weapon in the game and taken screenshots of it.

Every weapon I had had no attachments or camouflages added. I aimed down the sights for each weapon. Every time I tested it, I went prone in the same spot and aimed at the same location, dumping a full bandolier magazine worth of bullets into the wall.

I held down the trigger on the full-auto weapons. With the semi-auto weapons, the recoil may seem large, but I fired as fast as I could. You normally wouldn't fire that fast in a game. With the bolt actions, I also fired as fast as it would let me.

You may notice that on the bolt actions, R700 in particular, the recoil is very tiny and much lower than what you'd assume. This is because it wouldn't let me fire until the recoil had dropped to near normal values.

However, if it's recoil has worn off by the time you can fire again anyway, isn't that like having no recoil in the first place?

There are some cases where there will be a collection of stray bullets, apart from the normal pattern. Two good examples are the AK-74u and the G36C. The G36C has an arm of sorts reaching up from the normal pattern. The AK-74u has some stray bullets as well above and to the left of the pattern.

This is because occasionally and randomly, the gun will have more recoil than normal and will climb above it's normal boundaries. This is not exclusive to the G36C and the AK-74u. They were just the unlucky ones who were examples of this. If you see outliers, take note of them, but try to ignore them and focus on the general pattern.

The shotguns, being special, had to have a different wall that they could hit and show a good pattern on. Finally, you may notice that the M1911 has less recoil than the USP, which has less recoil than the M9.

This is not true. If you'll notice it goes in order of their clip sizes. They have the same 'recoil', it's just the USP and M1911, with their smaller clips, didn'thave enough bullets to climb as high as the M9 could.

Enough of me talking. Here's the pictures:



CoD4 M16 Recoil


CoD4 G3 Recoil


CoD4 M14 Recoil


CoD4 Ak 47 Recoil


CoD4 G36C Recoil


CoD4 M4 Recoil


CoD4 MP44 Recoil

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