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Welcome to the Call of Duty 4 maps section.

Click on each map section to view the maps personal page. Each map has a 3D overhead map which is very useful for tactics, finding good spots, and more. Please submit your Call of Duty 4 map strategies through our submission form. Just give a map name and a little tip about the map, and it will be added to the maps section. The new maps that were released with the DLC have been added below as well.

3D Overhead Maps Shortcut:

Ambush | Backlot | Bloc | Bog | Countdown | Crash | Crossfire | District | Downpour | Overgrown | Pipeline | Shipment | Showdown | Strike Vacant | Wetwork

Map Variety Pack:

Broadcast | Chinatown | Creek | Killhouse

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CoD4 Map Ambush
Map: Ambush
Description: Ambush that is set around a convoy of vehicles that have either broken down or been disabled.
CoD4 Map Backlot
Map: Backlot
Description: Backlot is a medium sized city map with lots of interiors to take cover in.
CoD4 Map Bloc
Map: Bloc

Description: Bloc is a great map for intense interior battles as well as sniping in the middle courtyard area.
CoD4 Map Bog
Map: Bog
Description: Bog is a smaller map that's great for both middle and short range fire. Snipers work well here also.

CoD4 Map Broadcast
Map: Broadcast

(Variety Pack Map Broadcast)
CoD4 Map Chinatown
Map: Chinatown

(Variety Pack Map Chinatown)
CoD4 Map Creek
Map: Creek

(Variety Pack Map Creek)
CoD4 Map Killhouse
Map: Killhouse

(Variety Pack Map Killhouse)
CoD4 Map Countdown
Map: Countdown
Description: Countdown is a large open map, great for sniping as well as ninja like movement through the middle.
CoD4 Map Crash
Map: Crash
Description: Crash is a fairly small map with some great sniping spots and is a pretty intense map for all the game modes.
CoD4 Map Crossfire
Map: Crossfire
Description: Crossfire is an awesome map for intense interior fights, and there are also great sniping spots on both ends of the map.
CoD4 Map District
Map: District
Description: A large but compacted map, great for stealth classes and generally quick run and gun strategies.
CoD4 Map Downpour
Map: Downpour
Description: Downpour is a narrow map that's great for run and gunning, though you always have to be careful about the two stationed machine guns at each end of the map.
CoD4 Map Overgrown
Map: Overgrown
Description: Another great map for both snipers and stealth classes, large outside areas, and nice interiors, some consider it the best map in the game.
CoD4 Map Pipeline
Map: Pipeline
Description: Great map for lots of interior fighting due to an underground tunnel, and a few fairly large warehouses in which to fight in.
CoD4 Map Shipment
Map: Shipment
Description: A tiny map with intense non stop firefights. Almost unplayable with many people. Airstrike recommended.
CoD4 Map Showdown
Map: Showdown
Description: A campers paradise, lots of corners to hide behind.
CoD4 Map Strike
Map: Strike
Description: Medium city streets map with great sniping spots.
CoD4 Map Vacant
Map: Vacant
Description: A great interior map with many places to hide from airstrikes.
CoD4 Map Wetwork
Map: Wetwork
Description: A grenade paradise, not for people who get mad easily.
CoD4 Map Winter Crash
Map: Winter Crash
Description: A PC only map great for run and gun classes.
You can submit guide or some tips for the maps by contacting us.

A big thanks to BPU for the high res map images.