Modern Warfare Remastered

CoD4 Loading Screens Intel

Infinity Ward gives us a few tips during loading screens, here they are. If we are missing any please contact us and let us know. Thank you.

Credit goes to: Killer for submitting these.

COD4 Intel

COD4 Intel

COD4 Intel

COD4 Intel

COD4 Intel

(S&D )Check those corners! When you die in Search and Destroy you don't respawn.

(Camo and Attach. And when you complete challenges you unlock new stuff etc.

(Assist) Use teamwork to kill the enemy! if you damage an enemy but someone else gets the kill, you'll be awarded with assist points.

(Sniping) Hold your breath! Hold L3 For increased acuracy.

(Back to the Basics!) In Oldschool modes everyone starts with the same weapons and you'll need to pick up weapons and Perks.

(Run faster!) Use the L3 button to sprint for a short distance but you won't be able to use your weapons.

(Listen in!) You can hear the enemy's team chat by using the Eavesdrop Perk.

(Shoot that Heli!) Don't be afraid to fire at a helicopter with your primary weapon, it may do less damage than a rocket but it still hurts.

(Console version only: Prestige Mode) Show your worth! When you've reached the maximum level you can enter Prestige Mode. Then you'll can make a tough choice. (You start over at level 1 and lose every thing exept: Clan tag, Leaderboards. but you get a new Icon:)