Modern Warfare Remastered

CoD4 Intel Locations Guide

All 30 intel locations guide by Brad Russell.

Intel Video Walkthrough

Crew Expendable 1. In the room with the two sleeping bad guys toward the start. 2. After you go into the first cargo hold, it's on the floor by a slightly open floor panel immediately after going down the stairs. Blackout 3. In the first shack. 4. In a bathroom by the toilet on the second level in the final building. Charlie Don't Surf 5. In the room in the left corner of the basement. 6. The best way I can get you there, get on the first rooftop that you take from the enemies on the street. After the area is secure or even after you've gotten to the TV station, get up here and get on the wooden boards that connect the two rooftops to make one. Looke south and you should see a building down a road. Take this road and the door should open, with one guy coming out and one more on the second level. The intel is up there, so is a hidden TV. 7. On a table in the second rooftop, you can take stairs to get on both. It's the roofs where enemy RPG's occupied on the streets. The Bog 8. In a room that your team enters after the turret part of the first building. 9. In the alley after the Stinger event, and before the friendly tank. It's in a corner after you see a flare go up. Hunted 10. In the house right after you exit the house with the cellar. 11. Across from the big barn where you find the Stinger, kinda in the open. War Pig 12. On the second level of a building on the right, shortly after the tank starts moving through the streets. It's through a door that someone tosses a grenade from. 13. In the building across the street from the last intel, on the left side of the street. You will have to fight for this one. 14. In the last building of level, get it before you jump down to the streets. Shock And Awe 15. On the second level in a closet in the building the building after you save the soldiers. 16. In the building where you find the guys pinned down, right next to them in the corner. Safehouse 17. Again, upstairs in the first building you clear in the town. 18. In the house by the water tower, in a booth. All Ghillied Up 19. In the tower of the church. 20. After sneaking through the grass, and once you hit the containers, you will notice that you and MacMillan will normally skip the enemies amid the many containers. There is an intel on some barrels by the two that are talking. Your best bet is to just run and grab it, then let them kill you, and then continue on with the mission. It's possible to kill them all, but no need, just die. 21. After you snipe the final enemy on a staircase on the side of a building, go up those stairs and hop inside a room for the intel. One Shot, One Kill 22. On another staircase on the side of a building. This building will be after Mac is on your back. You'll be right at the staircase once you come out of a whole in the wall of the first building you two run through. You can carry him up the ladder and then the stairs. 23. This one is tricky. You can only get this one during the final fight at the ferris wheel. Before the battle, go southeast of the wheel to find a door of a building down a little pathway (it's on the right). This door is closed at the moment, but it will open once the fight starts. It's best to go for this one after the enemy choppers have dropped off some guys. Then run from your cover (one of the many booths by the ferris wheel for instance), and then charge to this path. The door might be closed, but that's okay. If it's closed, fight your way to the northeast to the corner of the pool and where most of the bad guys are coming from. Fight your way to the fence or whatever, just get out of view of the door, and then come back and the door should be open; the idea is that enemies have to come from somewhere, so if you choke off one point or the other, one point has to be open. Also, you can stay in this doorway for the rest of the fight, it's a good tactic. It's kinda tough to get back to Mac once the friendly choppers arrive, but you should be able to make it. The Sins of the Father 24. In the diner of the first fight on a table to the left, but you have to grab it before the transition from night to day. 25. While chasing Zakhaev's son down the alley, when you hit a parking lot you should clear it out. You should notice the enemies in a building to the right. Kill them and take the stairs up there to grab the intel. Ultimatum 26. In the north building when you start fighting waves of soldiers. It's the first battle after you cut the power. All In 27. After you hit the first BMP, go to toward the gate on the right and find an alley behind a building. 28. Immediately after you blow both BMP's, go south and into the hangar to find the laptop along the right wall. No Fighting in the War Room 29. Shortly after you drop down into the showers, instead of going down the right side directly to the kitchen, go left down the barracks side. It's beyond the small rooms and when you start heading north that you will find a dark room to the left. The intel is right on the table. This path also leads you past the kitchen and directly to the stairs leading down. 30. In the control room after you breach the wall, just clear the room, enter the code, and then go into the meeting room ont the other side to grab the last intel.