Modern Warfare Remastered

Guide to Killstreaking

Part I: About Killstreaks
>Part II: Recommended Classes and Perks
Part III: Recommended Maps for Killstreaks
Part IV: Tips on making the Killstreak

Part I: About Killstreaks

Making a killstreak is the act of killing players on the other team in succession without dying. Killstreaks also are not the most important thing in CoD4, but it makes your K/D ratio a lot better and also makes you look good on the scoreboard.   Although it sounds simple, it is a difficult thing to manage to survive kill after kill. Sometimes you get shot from behind. Sometimes you get sniped. Sometimes you simply get outgunned in a one-on-one fight. But this guide will tell you some simple tips to get you on your way to staying alive.

Part II: Recommended Classes and Perks

You could try your very hardest to rack up kills without yourself dying, but sometimes, it just seems impossible. Well, it might be because of the gun you are using. It's true some guns are better for certain maps, and it's true you should use a gun you are  comfortable with, but sometimes it might not be the right one.

For a start, I'd suggest a fully automatic gun, probably an assault rifle, such as the G36C. They have great range, reasonably good accuracy and can hold up at a close range too, which is vital for almost all maps, as there are many times you face a close quarters face-off and the quicker gun usually wins. Depending on the map, you might be tempted to use a gun like the MP5, which is similar to an assault rifle in someways but fires quicker and is better at a short range rather than a long one.

Custom Class
Primary Weapon: G36C /w RDS
Secondary: Deagle
Perk 1:Bandolier
Perk 2:Stopping Power
Perk 3:Steady Aim

This is one of my own custom classes that I use. I like having more ammo, so I don't have to search for guns on the floor and can concentrate on killstreaks. Stopping Power is probably my favourite all round perk, and it simply kills them faster, and coupled with Steady Aim (which helps a great deal with an assault rifle) you can kill from any range. You might want to replace one or two perks with your own preferences, this is just a guideline.

Shipment Class:
Primary Wep: M1014(semi-auto shotgun)
Secondary: Deagle, doesn't really matter.
Perk 1: Frag x 3
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Martyrdom

This is a class that I use for Shipment obviously, which is probably the only place I would use martyrdom in, simply because you almost always get a kill because of the small map. As you might be thinking, it doesn't really affect killstreaks, but it does help your k/d ratio. As for the Frag x 3, they work wonders. It takes little skill to cook them a bit when you spawn and chuck 'em towards where the enemy is spawning, which can get you up to your UAV very quickly. Once you get an Airstrike, you're sorted.

Part III: Recommended Maps for Killstreaks
I won't waffle on for this part (YAY WAFFLES ARE NICE) but I'll simply recommend some maps that I like to use for killstreaks.

Wet Work -- Once you get to know the map, it is probably my favourite for getting a high streak. Helicopters and Airstrike's are efficient here because of the open area, and there are many dark corners you can sit, wait and reload in. It is unlikely you will get flanked as well because of the narrow ship.

Ambush -- Another great map for Airstrike's and Choppers, just be careful and keep your eye left and right while around the middle so as not to die.

Bog -- Pretty much a ditto on Ambush, but Bog can be a bit more dangerous if you don't know camping areas and places snipers are likely to be.

Part IIII: Tips on making the Killstreak

Right, I am going to suppose you are just starting a TDM in Wet Work and are using the Custom Class I recommended. Rush as fast as you can to the first bridge like structure (doesn't matter on your start side, I think the ship is pretty much symmetrical)
and chuck your grenade towards one of the clearings on the other side. With any luck you should get some kills.

This is where it starts getting serious. I would suggest hanging back rather than run n' gunning, as over-aggressive play can ruin your day (that rhymed) and also not to go on one of the bridges, where you make an easy target for people below you.

Instead, advance forward level with your team. Keep right or left to pick off any rushers, and make sure you don't expose yourself too much, keeping in the shadows. As long as you use your Airstrike and Choppers effectively you shouldn't have a problem getting up to 10 and more. With skills you could get up to 20 and beyond. I can't really teach them.

Thanks for reading!