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CoD4 Grenades / Flashbangs / etc. Guide

A guide by icelt with input from X about grenades, flash bangs, stuns, and more. Also be sure to check the Explosive stats and Equipment sections for more information.

Surviving Flashes - To survive a flash (even at close range) you have to obscure the explosion totally, and that means the flash cloud too. I use this tactic often by going prone at a corner and throwing a flash, or by going prone behind low cover and throwing the flash the other side of the cover.

Flash Then Nade (alt nade then Flash) - I tend to utilise flashes with nades nowadays. If I know there is a room with enemies in it, I will flash first, then nade straight afterwards. The initial disorientation will help your nade as all they will hear is the ping-ping. (This also works very well with stun grenades.) They may even suspect the second ping-ping to be another flash and do nothing - their mistake.

'Open, flash, and Clear' - In CQC and combat in general, it is important to have a solid flash/frag strategy. A good strategy, can save you, tip the balance in your favor, and it can intimidate opponents very effectively! As a rule of thumb always flash into an unknown area, or an area you suspect could have enemies. Always flash into doorways and rooms that are near the epi-center of a gun fight, it could give you the tip if there is a camper in the room or a stalking an enemy.

Airburst - Another feature I like about the flash grenade is its very short fuse. Its possible to throw a flash and have it explode before it hits the floor - this is how I do airburst flashes. I use airburst flashes quite often now as they can at times be more effective than ground burst flashes. Airburst flashes can disorientate, and there is little cover to be found from a flash going off over your head (or in your face). This of course makes this type of attack effective against targets behind primary cover, secondary cover, and even tertiary cover. Air burst flashes have to be thrown at acute angles for them to be effective, time and practice will nail this tactic.

Stun Grenades - Stuns are identical to flash grenades, but instead of blinding, they slow movement considerably. Any tactic that you can use with flash grenades can be used with stuns too. Stuns are great to follow right after a grenade so that it stuns an enemy while the grenade lands next to them and kills them.

Grenades - Nades in CoD4 are awesome, they have a good area effect, and they momentarily throw up a cloud of dust and smoke that can briefly cover you assault or egress. There is not much to say about them, other than the fact that they can bounce off walls, and you can cook them.

Flash Defense - If you're sure of the cover around you, move towards that cover, and try if possible to keep your crosshair pointing in the direction the flash came from. If you're not sure of the cover around you, hit the deck and go prone. Going prone gives you that split second longer to recover from a flash, and the sloppy shooter may miss you as he makes an initial visual sweep of the area you are in.

Cooking Nades - Cooking nades is simple, pull the pin, and hold onto it for 1 or 2 seconds (it has a 5 second fuse). Recommended cooking it for 2 seconds for medium range throws, and 1 second for long throws. 3 second and higher cooking is also effective, but you have to be careful not to blow your arms off.

Nade Bounce - CoD4 has a fantastic physics model, and that extends to the way nades bounce off objects in particular walls. I regularly throw nades 'around corners' using the bounce effect. It is possible to throw a nade around two corners if you're in the right position and your aim is good! Think of how a pool ball bounces off the cushions on a pool table, that is how grenades bounce. The entry angle is equal to the exit angle, and that applies to the height at which the nades bounce off the wall too. Bounce it higher up the wall, and it will travel further. Of course there is a sweet spot for this tactic, practice makes perfect!

Tweaking Nade Trajectory - You can tweak them either before you throw them or (if you're quick) as you are throwing them. Tweaking is an essential part of my nade throwing strategy, and at times it can be helpful to alter the flight of your nade as you throw it (especially if you're strafing or moving at an angle to the intended target). This skill takes practice, its not impossible, but you do have to be sure of when and how to tweak.

Defensive Nading/Distraction - Grenades, flashes and stuns can be used defensively as well as offensively. This point might be lost on the beginner, but it is important to understand that you can use grenades as 'temporary walls'. Here is an analogy I like to use.

You are no doubt familiar with American Football, a superb game of skill that requires great team work. The running backs job is to run up the field with the ball when it is passed to him. To do that he relies on 'blockers' guys that get in the way of the opposition, and aid him in his run up field.

Well nades can be blockers too. They can block areas that you can't easily cover, and they can force enemy troops to retreat temporarily (or stop dead in their tracks) and thus aid in your egress. As well as their use as temporary walls, flashes can be used as distraction tools that can be used to fool 'E' into thinking that there is a 'blind threat' nearby. I don't mean blind threat as in flashed, but blind in respect to the fact that 'E' might not be able to see the threat because of an obstruction (usually corner or something like that).

The secret is to practice and experiment with nades, there is a lot more you can do than you think!

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