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CoD4 Multiplayer Modes

Thanks to Jbaker for this Call of Duty 4 game mode FAQ.

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What are my objectives in Search and Destroy, Sabotage, Domination, and Headquarters?

Search and Destroy - If youre on the planting side, obviously to plant the bomb at Point A or B. It's best to stick with the rest of the team and protect the bomb carrier/planter. Sometimes spliting up works for a little flanking action, but i prefer staying together. Now it's not over yet until the fat lady sings. Once the bomb is planted, you have 35 seconds before it blows, so you still have to defend that area. Cover entry ways, plant C4/claymores were you think the enemy is going to enter. I takes 5 seconds to plant and defuse a bomb, so make sure you give yourself enough time if youre working the clock as one of your mind games.
Here's a fantastic Search and Destroy video guide:

If youre defending, like ive said before split into two teams, cover each area. All you have to do is defend, you have the most time to set up shop and camp out because the enemy has to come to you to win.. If they dont plant the bomb, they lose. Dont go gunho and search by yourself, just stay put.

Most important thing to remember is value your life, because once you died, you dont come back until the next round.

Sabotage - Not a big fan of this mode. Almost the same thing as S&D except theres only one point on each side to blow up and the teams fight over the bomb. You will always have a general idea of where the bomb planter is on your HUD. Thats just how the mode is. Even if you have UAV Jammer equiped as one of your perks, they will see you. Planting and defusing the bomb takes a lot less time in this mode (2 - 3 seconds). Fast paced action here. Unlimited spawns

Domination - There are 3 flags in designated locations on each map, the idea is to hold the majority of the flags so you accumulate points (1 point for each flag held every 5, 10 seconds i think). Score limit is 200 points. Best tactics here would be to hold at least 2 flags, and have 1 person keep trying to go for the third, just to keep the enemy on their toes. You can easily rotate that so you keep deaths low. Whenever you hear losing A,B, or for that point, toss a grenade over there, do something to prevent that capture. The more people you have with you at a flag youre trying to capture, the faster you will take it for the record IW should disable the K/D thing in this mode, because then more people (including myself) uld play it like it was king of the hill and not deathmatch. Same thing with Headquarters.

Headquarters - Similar king of the hill type play. Idea is to capture the headquarters, randomly determined spot on the map, and hold it for as long as possible. holding it for the full time length will net you 65 points. First to 250 wins. Use the same tactics with S&D here; value your life and protect door ways. When the enemy has captured the HQ and you are going to destroy it, you dont get any points, you just prevent them from getting more. Same thing with Domination, the more people around the HQ helping to capture/destroy it, the faster it will happen.

Stats that change in the different game modes

Stock Player health is 100.
In Hardcore:
-Health lowered to 30 (weapons are not changed in any way)
-No visible HUD

Old School:
-Health increased to 200
-Jump Height increased, landing slowdown disabled
-Weapon/Class Selection disabled, all spawn with a Skorpion and M9, must pick up weapons/perks

Other modes:

Ground War
Search and Destroy
Team Hardcore
Old School
Cage Match