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CoD4 Claymores Guide

A guide about the Call of Duty 4 claymores written by Mythx.

Claymores I have seen alot of people who pick claymores who clearly have no idea how to use them. Poor placement that is easy to see or even just out in the open. Now that can be an advantage if you want an early warning that someone is coming. Me I just want the guy dead. So I thought I would give you a few tips that should increase you kill rates! Just dont use them on me please!


Most people use them on stairs so I will start there.

  1. Place claymores when possible UNDER stairs. Like in wet work or pipeline. Just go behind the hollow metal ones and put one there. It hides the claymore so most people never notice.
  2. Most stairs involve a turn at the top or the bottom. This is very important because even if the subject is running the turn can slow the individual up just long enough for the kill.

Turns on bottom - Place the claymore 1-2 steps above where you would see the beams. The beams do extend slightly past where they are visible so when someone steps in the stairwell they usually don't have the reflexes to back out and sometimes cant rush past the thing before it goes off.

More Placement - I usually place mine just far enough back from the stairs that you cannot see the beams. Then I aim the center of the Claymore towards the corner of the turn they will have to make. Usually at a 45 degree angle from the stairs. This means as they will trigger the claymore running up and will actually turn into the explosive. This makes it extremely unlikely that they can avoid the blast.

Hidden in Foliage - Put a high trafficed but low grenaded section of a map with alot of foliage. Many times they simply cannot see the thing hidden under the brush. It seems like a great idea on Overgrown but in practice doesn't work as well because there are just so many paths to take. It DOES work well on Downpour because the routes are so heavily used and the foliage thick in some spots. Plus the map is very narrow.

Another tip is to use them in passing doorways. Especially those involving a turn AWAY from the door. Pick a room that everyone know is a dead end but will get a lot of traffic past it. Then place the claymore in the middle of the entrance but back from the doorway so only the tips can be seen. Most of the time people will take a corner walking away from it and catch the blast in the back.

Other good choices are the tops of ladders but far enough back so the beams aren't seen. Also on top of desks or crates in some areas because they will catch the heads of the subject. If it isn't expected you may get multiple kills with it.

Use after you have killed a few people from an easily accessible but hard to grenade sniper area. I have actually killed a couple of people and vacated the area I was using leaving a claymore behind. Only to have the enemy rush in to kill me en-mass for a gratifying kill.

Also think about the lighting. Some areas have so much light the beams tend to get washed out so even if the placement isnt perfect you can get away with more. By contrast areas that are fairly dark the beams will show up very well and are easily seen and avoided.

A few more tips

Claymores can be easy to dodge. You just have to be very very quick. When running into an area where they could be an enemy hiding, always listen for the little click, if you do hear it, stop right away and run backwards. Sometimes you can dodge the claymore. This works especially well if you are running up some stairs, and there is a claymore at the top, if you run back, the claymore will be out of range to kill you.

More Claymore Tips

  1. 1. Place claymores under the bumpers of cars in well traveled areas. When the claymore blows so does the car, but with DOUBLE the blast radius and the blast is now omnidirectional!
  2. 2. In team matches a C4 pack can be placed in the blast radius to increase the area of effect for the Claymore
  3. 3. My last tip has limited usefulness and was found completely by accident..but does offer some amusing possibilities. Claymores as GRENADES!! I know what your thinking you cant throw a claymore and you are right. BUT if you go to the very edge of a tall building and plant a claymore it will plant all the way down to bottom. Even if its 3 stories down. I have exactly one kill with this tactic and im sure it made for an interesting kill cam moment. But if you are out of options this trick could be used as a surprise move or possibly as a way to block the tunnels on Ambush without actually leaving your sniping postion. Warning... this move does take practice and edging out can leave you exposed. But the payoff may be well worth it.