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CoD4 Achievements

Call of Duty 4 Achievements by Brad Russell.

Call of Duty 4 Achievements: These are not the level-specific ones, though I will list them here for easy- access. The purpose of this is to help get those easy or tricky ones. Tricky ones: New Squadron Record - beat the training exercise in 20 seconds. The trick is to go left from the start instead of right, and get two of the first targets in one shot. It's all at the start of the guide, so go there for more. Four of a Kind - get 4 headshots in quick succession. Not just four in sequence, or maybe, I forget how I got this one. For the knife one it has to be done quickly, so perhaps this one too, or maybe you can have time in between. Best place is at some point in the Blackout mission.

Three of a Kind - get 3 knife kills in quick succession. This one has to be done quickly. The best place is the cargo ship mission, Crew Expendable. Beat your team to the lower decks at the start and kill the drunk and the two sleeping guys quickly. Or do Blackout on easy and knife three guys after you jump over the cliff and head through the houses on the right (it will be toward the end of these houses). Roadkill - kill two enemies by car explosion. Should get this during Charlie Don't Surf. Or anytime after. Down Boy Down - survive a dog attack. Just let the first dog get you during Hunted and then melee it to kill Lucky. No Rest for the Weary - stab a wounded enemy. Just corner someone, shoot him so he falls, let him crawl a bit, and then cut him. Or just run across an enemy during the game (playing on easy helps this one, but you should run into it at some point either way). Daredevil - kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang. Got to set this up, or you could do it by accident, either way. You can find an enemy, toss a flashbang, and then go knife/shoot blindly. But toward the end of the game the enemies will be using flashies quite a bit, so you might run into this one on mistake. Play on easy if you must. Look Sharp - get 15 enemy intels. Got all 30 in the part above. Eyes and Ears - get all 30 intels. Straight Flush - kill 5 enemies at once while playing Death From Above. Easy enough, just wait for the junkyard. Let some enemies spill out from the big building on the right and then blast them with the big gun. Could maybe get this earlier too if you try hard enough. Bird on the Ground - kill a helicopter with an RPG. Easy during War Pig. Wait until the choppers show up and then run to the back of the bus. Three RPG's lean against the back end, so grab one and quickly shoot down one copter before it flies away. Your Show Sucks - smash the TV's with Al-Asad's speech in Charlie Don't Surf. Not easy to do. There are two in the first building you enter. There are two in the village, both on the right and both on second levels of buildings. A couple on your way to the main nerve center of the TV station, and then about a million in the big room. One on your way to the rooftops, and then a handful in the final room, and be quick on these last ones. That should do it. Also, in the big room of the station, just toss grenades at the stacks of TV's on the walls. Just hit all the TV's, that worked for me. And make about five comb-overs in this room, just to be safe.

Level-Specific ones: Earn a Winged Dagger - complete F.N.G. Make the Jump - complete Crew Expendable Dancing in the Dark - complete Blackout Save Pvt. Roycewicz - someone who made the game has this name, you will save him during The Bog and once you're in the first building. Save the Bacon - complete The Bog Man of the People - save the farmer in Hunted. You must wait until Price says to save him or you don't get it. Death From Above - complete that level Wrong Number - complete Safehouse Ghillies in the Mist - complete All Ghillied Up without being spotted. My guide achieves this, but if you are spotted, just toss a frag to your feet and retry. Piggyback Ride - complete One Shot, One kill Desperate Measures - complete The Sins of the Father Win the War - beat the game

Difficulty-based ones: The Package - beat Crew Expendable on veteran The Rescue - beat Blackout on vet The Search - beat Charlie Don't Surf on vet The Bog - beat The Bog and War Pig on vet The Escape - beat Hunted and Death From Above on vet The First Horseman - beat Shock and Awe on vet The Second Horseman - beat Safehouse on vet The Shot - beat All Ghillied Up and One Shot, One Kill on vet The Third Horseman - beat Heat and The Sins of the Father on vet The Ultimatum - beat the next three levels on vet The Fourth Horseman - beat Game Over on vet Mile High Club - beat the epilogue on veteran Deep and Hard - beat game on hard or veteran